Chapter 75: Fighting a Saint Master
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 75: Fighting a Saint Master

The Light Wind Sword was like a hot knife cutting through butter as it split apart the man’s Saint Force. Despite this, the force of his thrust decreased as it was forced through his protective shell. The tip of the sword didn’t falter at all as it continued to stab through towards the middle aged man. The initial two defenses the man had put up had been smashed to pieces, but by the time the Light Wind Sword broke through the hindrances, the man had already drawn upon his wind attribute Saint Force to immediately propel himself backwards.

The middle aged man stood a few meters away as he stared at Jian Chen hard in the face. His own expression hardened as he spoke, “What incredible speed.”

Jian Chen looked back at the man without saying a word. He felt okay even after pushing himself to his limits. He had pushed his speed to a rate he had never achieved before. But his attack was essentially dodged by the man, so if Jian Chen wanted to land a killing blow on this man in the future, it would be a lot harder. After all, the man’s strength was not weaker than Jian Chen’s, and he was also a wind attribute Saint. He would definitely specialize in speed. In other words, it could be said that against this middle-aged man, Jian Chen had lost any type of advantage.

Regardless of how exquisite his swordplay was, if it wasn’t faster than the opponent’s reaction time, everything would be of no use. In addition, since there was a great difference in their strengths, Jian Chen didn’t dare to fight the middle-aged man at close quarters.

“Your strength has already reached Saint Master, right?” Jian Chen asked, his gaze fixed on the middle-aged man opposite of him.

The man didn’t bother to hide his shock, “Correct, my strength is at the Middle Saint Master level.” After saying that, he broke off from talking before looking at Jian Chen with an odd stare, “Your strength on the other hand isn’t all that strong, and neither is your wind attribute. Your speed just now wasn’t slow at all though, so I’m not sure how exactly you reached such a speed.” The man said in a curious tone. Right now his mind really wanted to know the answer. As a person with the wind attribute, if he was beaten in any other aspects, he wouldn’t have thought much about it. But in terms of surpassing him in speed, this raised a question that he couldn’t easily give up on solving. Jian Chen had beaten him in speed while having much less strength than him and without having a wind attributed Saint Force, so the man couldn’t help but be curious.

“My apologies, but I have no comment about this question.” Jian Chen replied evenly.

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