Chapter 74: Fierce Battle
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 74: Fierce Battle

Jian Chen was able to fight against his enemies alone. The battlefield around him was filled with desolate screams, and blood splashed everywhere. To Jian Chen, this was already a common sight, so it didn’t disturbed him in the slightest.

Jian Chen continued to stab out with his sword, after every attack another Boundless Bandit would fall. With his lightning fast speed, enemies of equal strength weren’t able to keep up with Jian Chen’s flow for more than three moves, and even more of them were instantly killed with only a single blow to the throat.

In terms of strength, Jian Chen was lower ranked when compared to the bandits. However, when it came to killing bandits, no one could compare to Jian Chen. In the span of a few minutes, over a few dozen bandits had been killed by him, drenching his Light Wind Sword with blood. Jian Chen’s clothes on the other hand, still maintained their pure, cottony, white and brown, as not a single splash of blood landed on them.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had penetrated into the core of the bandits. Boundless Bandits surrounded him for 20 meters in every direction with no fellow mercenary in sight. The closest few were fighting in small groups of three to five on the outskirts of the bandit’s vanguard.

“Kill!” Three of the Boundless Bandits cried as they charged at Jian Chen with a bloodthirsty roar. With a lift of their Saint Weapons, they slashed down in hopes of chopping Jian Chen in half.

Jian Chen immediately flew forward like a speed demon towards one of the incoming bandits. His Light Wind Sword flashed with a blood red color as it shot towards the bandit’s throat.

Jian Chen was an expert with the sword, when he made his move he did it fast, the bandit’s had no time to react. He could only see the bloody flash come towards his neck, then the next thing he knew, he couldn’t breathe. It was almost as if something was blocking his throat, so he couldn’t yell either. Immediately, a trickle of blood came flowing from his neck as the bandit fell to the ground without making another sou

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