Chapter 73: Boundless Bandits (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 73: Boundless Bandits (Two)

Upon hearing the name Boundless bandits, every mercenary’s face fell.

“Boundless Bandits!” Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed together. He wasn’t very familiar with this bandit group. When he had read the books in both Changyang Mansion and Kargath Library, the only thing he was able to learn about the Boundless Bandits was that they were a very strong bandit group that had existed for 200 years already.

The Boundless Bandits were a strong group from the very beginning. They wandered about the borders of several kingdoms and were any caravan’s worst nightmare. The Boundless Bandits were ruthless and whenever they robbed merchants, they never left any survivors. Countless mercenaries died due to the Boundless Bandits, and the Boundless Bandits had occasionally attacked many villages and even some minor cities. In the past, two Class 3 cities had been plundered by them, and a Class 2 city had suffered tremendous damage from them. With every village they massacred, it further enhanced their reign of terror and caused merchants to fear traveling to faraway places. This in turn incurred great losses for some of the major kingdoms.

At that time, the Four Great Kingdoms: the Gesun Kingdom, the Blue Moon Kingdom, the Wind Kingdom, and the Var Kingdom had finally discovered the main hideout of the Boundless Bandits, and sent their soldiers to annihilate them. Unfortunately, the Boundless Bandits had power beyond what was anticipated, and although the Four Great Kingdoms had succeeded in the end, they had suffered disastrous casualties.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, the Four Great Kingdoms each sent their strongest expert to fight the Boundless Bandits at their main base--Boundless Mountain. Those four experts came to Boundless Mountain and fought so hard that the entire mountain shook and split open. The explosions of battle lasted for one day and one night before gradually stopping. Sometime during the battle, the six peaks of the mountain had caved in.

When the experts from the Four Great Kingdom had returned, their faces were not a pretty sight. They didn’t say anything and left quickly; soon after, the commander of the mission to annihilate the Boundless Bandits had immediately received an order from the king for all the troops to retreat from Boundless Mountain.


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