Chapter 72: Boundless Bandits (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 72: Boundless Bandits (One)

As dusk arrived, Jian Chen finished his rations and went into his tent. With a Class 1 Monster Core in hand, he started to cultivate. Now that he was traveling the Tian Yuan continent, there would be dangers lurking around every corner. This meant that he had to be strong in order to stay safe. Thus, Jian Chen didn’t dare to squander even a second in order to increase his strength. Not only that, but he knew that if he grew stronger, then he would be able to to return to the Gesun Kingdom and reunite with his family without fear of the Hua Yun Sect. Otherwise, if he dared to show his face there, he would be chased to the ends of the earth by the sect.

Right now the outside was relatively peaceful. There was only the occasional sound of footsteps being heard as a few of the mercenaries patrolled around the campsite.

The time quietly passed as it became late. At that moment, all of the mercenaries in their tents were sound asleep, and the mercenaries that were patrolling were drowsy to the point of being in an unfocused state.

Just then, a dark blade flashed. It traveled under the cover of the night and silently slashed the neck of one of the patrolling mercenaries. This dark flash was clearly the result of an assassin’s power, and with a soundless gurgle, the mercenary fell to the ground dead.

The dark flash had moved through the air silently and quickly. No one could sense this blade coming. Since the campgrounds were wide, and the target had been a lone mercenary standing in a remote place, there was no way anyone could possibly notice his death before he fell to the ground.

Right as the first mercenary fell to the ground, countless dark flashes flew out towards the camp and killed all of the mercenaries patrolling a bit far from camp.

Jian Chen wasn’t too far away from the campsite, and so when the mercenaries fell to the ground, there was one that fell only 30 meters away from Jian Chen. The crossed legged Jian Chen’s ear shook from the sound he heard as his eyes abruptly flew open. Looking around, Jian Chen bent forward to open the tent flap just a crack to see what was happening outside.

Just as Jian Chen opened up the flap to his tent to check up on what was happening outside, another flash of light could be seen as it shot through a patrolling mercenary. Like the others, this man also fell to the ground without a sound.

Jian Chen’s eyes widened in surprise at this sight. It was clear to him that the caravan was under attack, but with his previous experience, he did not panic. Roaring loudly from his tent, he yelled, “Everyone be careful, we are under attack!”

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