Chapter 46: Rich Profit
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 46: Rich Profit

“Haha, what fourth brother said is correct. This was something we all worked hard to do, so let’s follow fourth brother’s idea and split the monster cores. Half of it will be given to fourth brother and this brother here. The other half will be equally split amongst us.” Changyang Hu laughed. He and Jian Chen were blood brothers, even though they had different mothers, it did not affect the relationship between them; he would not be stingy with him

With Changyang Hu deciding for them, the other three students couldn’t decline any more and took the monster cores excitedly. After splitting it up, each of the four had gotten at least a dozen each, bringing them no small amount of excitement. With this amount, it was more than equal to what they had gotten by themselves after three days.

After this event, no one had any plans to stay put anymore, and after changing their location, they began to start a new fire to roast some meat.

The six people sat in a circle around the fire as Changyang Hu laughed, “Fourth brother, let me introduce you to everyone. These three are my best friends, Oz, Aoba, and Darian.” He pointed at the three, “Fourth brother, Oz and Aoba are identical twins. I guarantee that when they wash the filth on their faces off, you won’t be able to tell who is who!”

Jian Chen smiled and greeted the three one by one. After chatting for a while, they had started to get so familiar with each other that even Tie Ta’s name was known by them.

Suddenly, Changyang Hu’s face went still as he asked, “Fourth brother, I remember that before you went into the forest, your strength wasn’t at the Saint Level yet. So why is it you’re in the 3rd region? And now being so strong, you were even able to defeat the middle-ranked Wind Saint Luo Jian. Could it be that in the three days you were in the forest, you broke through?”

Changyang Hu’s three friends paid close attention to this question; both Darian and the twins became interested after hearing Changyang Hu’s question, and shifted their attention to Jian Chen. Jian Chen beating Luo Jian, was a huge blow to those three. Although they had long since heard the rumours that were circulating throughout the academy that he was strong, the rumors didn’t exaggerate his strength to this extent.

Jian Chen laughed and held his iron rod up towards Changyang Hu, “Big brother, look. If I were a Saint, would I still be using a weapon like this?”

Changyang Hu looked up and down the iron rod; but it looked the same, he had already recognised the bloodstained iron rod in Jian Chen’s hands and it was a still a normal rusty broken iron rod.

“That’s...that’s…” Changyang Hu’s eyes went wide; he was put in a state of silent shock as he would have never in a million years thought that Jian Chen would be able to defeat Luo Jian using only a rusty iron rod, and if this didn’t happen before his very own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it even if he was beaten to death.

At the same time, Darian and the twins looked at the iron rod in Changyang Hu’s hands. The three of them were in disbelief, and then looked at Jian Chen as if he was a monster.

Seeing the incredulous looks on their faces, Jian Chen laughed and said, “With the combined powers of me and Tie Ta, there were no magical beasts that were a match for us in the 2nd region, so we decided to move on to the 3rd region.”

Hearing this, Changyang Hu and the other three couldn’t believe their ears. The 2nd region was filled with Class 1 Magical Beasts. Although they were weaker and had low attack power, even the average Saint would find surviving in the forest a difficult task, and Jian Chen was still obviously not a Saint yet. To say the 2nd region was no longer a challenge, even Changyang Hu and his friends would curse Jian Chen’s absurd strength.

After a while, Changyang Hu and his friends finally recovered their senses. Changyang Hu continued to ask, “Fourth brother, you’re not even a Saint yet and you’re already this amazing. When the day comes and you become a Saint, I really can’t guess how much stronger you’ll become.” Changyang Hu shook his head in awe, “Ah right, fourth brother, when do you think you’ll become a Saint?”

Muttering more to himself, “I’m currently at the peak of the 10th layer. After this forest exercise, I’ll aim to become a Saint.”

Changyang Hu let out a breath of air in surprise and shock as he looked at Jian Chen, “Fourth brother, you’re simply too amazing for words. Not even a few months ago, you were a new student at Kargath Academy who was only at the 8th layer. I didn’t think that you would reach the peak of the 10th layer in such a short amount of time.”

Hearing this, Darian and the twins couldn’t believe it and their view of Jian Che completely changed. The strength Jian Chen had shown was ridiculous, his cultivation speed was fast, and could border the lines of the unimaginable. Jian Chen was definitely a genius amongst geniuses. At this moment, the three friends of Changyang Hu quickly came to a decision that, in the future, they would have to treat him well and avoid offending him.

Jian Chen laughed carefreely, “Big brother, I’ve noticed that within the 3rd region, many people are resorting to stealing monster cores from others. How did this happen?”

Changyang Hu exhaled before saying, “I don’t know who started this myself, but it’s said that during the 2nd day, someone started to steal monster cores relying on the fact that he had an enormous amount of people behind him. After this news spread everyone in the 3rd region started to follow suit, forming groups to rob cores. After all, Class 2 Magical Beasts are rare in comparison to Class 1 Magical Beasts, and are even harder to kill. Killing one beast would only get you one, but stealing from another is much easier than hunting, and with good luck, one would get a lot of cores as well..”

“So up until now, all the students started to steal from each other in the 3rd region. Many people have had their hard earned monster cores stolen away from them when they were alone or were smaller in numbers, The people who were injured decided to quit early, reducing the numbers in the area drastically.”

“Why don’t the teachers that are secretly hidden care about what was happening?” Tie Ta asked.

“As long as it isn’t life threatening injury or a critical point in between life or death, then the hidden teachers won’t show up. After all, the reason why we are in the forest hunting Magical Beasts is so we can temper ourselves, not to mention that we are being tested on how we can unite when being robbed; things like this happen often in the Tian Yuan continent. They’re only letting us experience this sooner rather than later.” Said the twins.

“Ah!” Tie Ta suddenly exclaimed in realization.

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Jian Chen let loose a strange smile as he looked at his older brother and his friends. “Since other people have the audacity to rob us of our monster cores, why can’t we rob them first? Are you guys with me on this?”

The group’s eyes went bright as they heard Jian Chen.

“Fine, we’ll do it. Changyang Xiang Tian, we will follow you.” Darian said as he stood up and stared at Jian Chen, the heroic spirit reflected in his voice.

“Not bad, before our strength was lacking, and could only run away blindly. But now that Jian Chen is here, even if we meet a middle rank Saint, victory isn’t impossible. Since this is the final night, let’s have some fun with this.” Aoba and Oz laughed.

“Alright, fourth brother, your big brother will listen to you.” Changyang Hu said happily.

Tie Ta didn’t have an opinion, as he had decided to follow Jian Chen without question for a while now.

After everyone had eaten their fill and discussed their plans, they decided to let the twins search the surroundings for targets, while the rest waited for their return.

The twins soon came back and reported that they saw a group of 5 people nearby.

Jian Chen immediately followed the twins towards where they had reported seeing them.

When Jian Chen’s group had reached the place, the 5 people were preparing themselves to rest and were caught unprepared by Jian Chen’s sudden attack. Since the group was only at the Primary Saint level, they were quickly defeated by Jian Chen and his group. However, they didn’t have that many monster cores, only having around 20 or so.

After taking the monster cores, they didn’t continue to harass them and immediately left the area.

For the entire night, Jian Chen and the others didn’t sleep at all. Instead, they looked around the forest for more targets. There weren’t many people in the 3rd region by now, and ever since he had started his search, he had only come across 3 different groups. But what he and the others found amusing was that halfway through the night, Jian Chen’s group had came across another group who had the same idea they had, and so they had immediately started to fight. Both sides had 6 people each, and the other group even had 2 Middle Saints whose strength could be considered pretty strong. However, those two ended up being stuck against Jian Chen and Tie Ta. In the end, Jian Chen had come out victorious against his opponent, and gained 150 Class 2 Monster Cores as a reward. It would seem that many people had had their monter cores taken by this group.

After the third battle, aside from Jian Chen, everyone else was exhausted and could not continue fighting anymore. With no other choice, they spent the rest of the night searching for a secret place to hide and sleep. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta had wanted to continue, the other 4 weren’t in any shape to, and needed the two of them to stay behind and protect them against any surprise attacks.

Without saying, Jian Chen and the group had had an overwhelming harvest; excluding the first group with their 20 monster cores, the other two groups had 70 cores and 150 cores respectfully. So in total, they now had 260 cores .

Seeing this many monster cores, Jian Chen was starting to suspect that this was already half of the total amount of Class 2 Monster Cores in the 3rd region.

The night passed peacefully, and the group started to travel towards the outside of the forest. With some herbal medicine, Changyang Hu and the others’ wounds were starting to heal slowly. Back when they had first entered the forest, the school administration had already prepared these medicines inside of their Space Belts.

At the moment, Changyang Hu and his friends were all wearing well made wolf pelts that made them look as if they had no injuries at all. The wolf pelts were the ones that Jian Chen and Tie Ta had made from when they had slaughtered that pack of wolves; they had collected quite a large amount of them.

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