Chapter 46: Rich Profit
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 46: Rich Profit

“Haha, what fourth brother said is correct. This was something we all worked hard to do, so let’s follow fourth brother’s idea and split the monster cores. Half of it will be given to fourth brother and this brother here. The other half will be equally split amongst us.” Changyang Hu laughed. He and Jian Chen were blood brothers, even though they had different mothers, it did not affect the relationship between them; he would not be stingy with him

With Changyang Hu deciding for them, the other three students couldn’t decline any more and took the monster cores excitedly. After splitting it up, each of the four had gotten at least a dozen each, bringing them no small amount of excitement. With this amount, it was more than equal to what they had gotten by themselves after three days.

After this event, no one had any plans to stay put anymore, and after changing their location, they began to start a new fire to roast some meat.

The six people sat in a circle around the fire as Changyang Hu laughed, “Fourth brother, let me introduce you to everyone. These three are my best friends, Oz, Aoba, and Darian.” He pointed at the three, “Fourth brother, Oz and Aoba are identical twins. I guarantee that when they wash the filth on their faces off, you won’t be able to tell who is who!”

Jian Chen smiled and greeted the three one by one. After chatting for a while, they had started to get so familiar with each other that even Tie Ta’s name was known by them.

Suddenly, Changyang Hu’s face went still as he asked, “Fourth brother, I remember that before you went into the forest, your strength wasn’t at the Saint Level yet. So why is it you’re in the 3rd region? And now being so strong, you were even able to defeat the middle-ranked Wind Saint Luo Jian. Could it be that in the three days you were in the forest, you broke through?”

Changyang Hu’s three friends paid close attention to this question; both Darian and the twins became interested after hearing Changyang Hu’s question, and shifted their attention to Jian Chen. Jian Chen beating Luo Jian, was a huge blow to those three. Although they had long since heard the rumours that were circulating throughout the academy that he was strong, the rumors didn’t exaggerate his strength to this extent.

Jian Chen laughed and held his iron rod up towards Changyang Hu, “Big brother, look. If I were a Saint, would I still be using a weapon like this?”

Changyang Hu looked up and down the iron rod; but it looked the same, he had already recognised the bloodstained iron rod in Jian Chen’s hands and it was a still a normal rusty broken iron rod.

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