Chapter 47: Returning to Kargath Academy
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 47: Returning to Kargath Academy

The group of six headed to the edge of the forest, now that they had completed their 3 days. If they could protect the monster cores until they reached the outside, then they would be able to finish the assignment perfectly. And since the academy would not take the cores, they would be able to use it for themselves.

Traveling on the road, Jian Chen and the rest were very cautious. This was the crucial moment, since they could be ambushed at any given time. Jian Chen and Tie Ta were still full of life but Changyang Hu and the others were not in the best shape. If they were to be attacked by another strong person, then a fierce battle wouldn’t be avoidable, which was what Jian Chen was trying to avoid.

Jian Chen walked down the road with Tie Ta behind him while the rest followed in a straight line as they reached to the part of the forest where the white enchantments of the forest rippled outwards of itself. With the end of the 3rd day, the enchantment had suddenly transformed to help the students who were lost to find their way here.

Jian Chen’s soul was lashing out around him as he checked his surroundings. The 3rd region was not as quiet as the 2nd region. Not only did they have to protect themselves from magical beasts, but they also had to protect themselves from other students. Other students were waiting around for the perfect moment to strike. So because of that, the closer one got to the entrance, the more dangerous it became. After all, the enchantment was showing a hole in itself to help lead students out, so many of them were trying to leave the forest and made themselves an open target for those other students waiting to ambush them.

A few hours passed, Jian Chen and Tie Ta were getting closer and closer to the 3rd region’s exit. The whole journey had been fairly peaceful, although at regular intervals, they’d encounter a magical beast carcass. Sometimes, there would even be 2-3 magical beast corpses lying in the same location.

A few hours of rushing later, Jian Chen’s group of people finally arrived outside of the 3rd region’s exit. They smoothly passed through and entered the 2nd region. At this moment, everyone could not help but sigh in relief. They all understood that their monster cores were secured, because after leaving the 3rd region, no matter whether or not others had gathered the required 2 monster cores, their task was complete. There was nobody here that would dare to steal their monster cores.

“Haha, I hadn’t imagined that the journey would be so peaceful. This was really against my expectations.” Changyang Hu happily smiled, his tone also carrying a hint of excitement.

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