Chapter 48: Mu Tian
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 48: Mu Tian

Among the 100 or so people, the majority of them were already at the Saint level, and had performed the event in the 2nd region. When the students that had Class 1 Monster Cores walked up, only a bit over 30 people remained. This made the students who did not know much about the 3rd region’s conditions puzzled.

Although the 3rd region had Class 2 Magical Beasts, they all had low attack powers. To a Saint that could condense a Saint Weapon, although it may not be possible for him/her to fight against the magical beast alone, as long as a few people worked together, hunting magical beasts within the 3rd region shouldn’t be very difficult to do. It should definitely be easier than a student that had not yet reached Saint level killing a Class 1 Magical Beast. After all, the Saint Weapons that Saints had were extremely powerful, and far surpassed those other ordinary weapons.

Logically, the chances of students completing their task in the 3rd region should definitely be much higher than those in the 2nd region. However, nobody had imagined that the event would end up with such results. In the 3rd region, only a pathetic 30 or so students had completed their task; this was much less than the people who had finished in the 2nd region.

When the first student arrived in front of the teacher inspecting the monster cores, he directly reached into his Space Belt and lightly placed all of his monster cores on the table. This student only took out 3 monster cores total.

Casually gazing at the three Class 1 Monster Cores, the approximately 50-year old teacher in charge of inspecting the monster cores nodded and said, “Hm, not bad. You qualify as passing. What’s your name?”

“Teacher, my name is Cheng Yun Feng.” The youth that was being inspected excitedly said. The two words “Not bad” had already confirmed the fact that the teacher was praising him. Being complemented by the teacher was the greatest honor to him.

The teacher picked up his pen and recorded the information on a piece of paper, then said, “Go return your Space Belt to the academy. Take your monster cores. Also, this is a badge that represents your glory. You must take good care of it.” The teacher pulled out a badge from underneath the table, and handed it to the student.

The student happily agreed. He carefully and tenderly took the badge, and then he walked off the platform in extremely high spirits.



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