Chapter 49: The Shock
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 49: The Shock

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, all the students lined up behind him, aside from Tie Ta, showed expressions of shock. They all gave extremely strange looks at Jian Chen, and quite a few suspected that they had heard him wrong. In their opinion, if you needed to hand over your monster cores, then just hand them over. Why would you bother caring about how large the table being used was? Wasn’t this simply asking for trouble?

“Who is that person? He’s really reckless, to even ask the teacher to change tables….”

“He’s really an idiot, to dare tell Teacher Steve that the table was too small in front of so many people. The most unfathomable thing is that he wants Teacher Steve to change tables for him. Heavens, for him to confront Teacher Steve about the table being used, does he not know that Teacher Steve is the strictest teacher in all of Kargath Academy?”


Quite a few people began to point at Jian Chen in discussion, looking at him as if he was an idiot.

The inspecting elder’s expression changed, as he furrowed his brows and stared severely at Jian Chen. He snorted and then in a low voice said, “What’s your name? You even tried to confront a teacher like this; this table was prepared ages ago. It’s not something that can be changed just because you said it should be changed.”

Jian Chen’s words not only irritated the inspecting teacher, even a few of the teachers judging from the back could not help but knit their brows as they looked at Jian Chen with displeased expressions. Jian Chen’s words were completely disrespectful to them as teachers.

Not a single one of the people even considered the fact that Jian Chen had requested for change in tables because the current table had no way of fitting all the monster cores inside his Space Belt.

Of course, there were some teachers who were exceptions; their demeanors were still very calm. Their faces only showed a light trace of a smile. These few were the ones who watched Jian Chen and Tie Ta viciously kill a group of Blue Wolf Kings.

At this time behind them, a beautiful girl with a pair of bright eyes stared suspiciously at Jian Chen’s figure, frowning in deep thought and whispering softly, “Strange. Why do I feel that his shadow is a little familiar, maybe I’ve met him somewhere?” The girl’s eyebrows furrowed as she thought hard. Suddenly, her eyes flashed, and a familiar figure appeared in her mind. The next moment, her eyes exposed a look of surprise accompanied by a magical color. She unconsciously shouted, “Changyang Xiang Tian, he is Changyang Xiang Tian!”

The girl’s voice was not concealed at all so many people heard her. The moment everyone heard the name Changyang Xiang Tian, their faces started to change as the students who had been recklessly hurling insults Changyang Xiang Tian started to shut their mouths like obedient children.

Changyang Xiang Tian was a name that was prominent throughout Kargath Academy and was practically heard of by everyone. However, not many people had actually seen what he looked like, most of who did were freshmen. Jian Chen’s face was rendered indistinctive with all of the mud and grime that left very little of his face unblemished, his clothes were also extremely tattered to the point of him looking like a beggar. With his current state of appearance, no one would be able to recognize him even when he was lined up in front of everyone.

After hearing Changyang Xiang Tian’s name, the teacher in charge of inspecting the monster cores went blank as he gave a closer look. Apparently, Changyang Xiang Tian was a name even the teacher was familiar with, however, that didn’t mean that Jian Chen had the proper authority to be able to command him to bring a new table. The teacher’s mouth dropped open one more time in disbelief before preparing himself to speak again, but at that moment, Bai En from the academy board called out, “Someone bring out a bigger table immediately!” There was a smile on his face instead one of discontent, instead, he was looking at Jian Chen with anticipation as if he had already guessed the reason why Jian Chen had wanted a bigger table.

The vice-headmaster Bai En looked as if he was 34 years old, but his prestige within Kargath Academy was exceptionally high, second only to the headmaster himself. When he had spoken, all of the teachers went silent. Aside from a few teachers, the other teachers had not understood what the vice headmaster was trying to say. To think that he had asked for a bigger table even though the original table was more than enough to register a student’s monster core’s count, there was just simply no use for a bigger table.

Soon after, a 3 meter long and 2 meter wide table was lifted up to the stage, and the original table that had been used by the inspecting teacher was taken away.

“Changyang Xiang Tian, you should be satisfied with this, right?” The inspecting teacher sat in front of the larger table. His attitude towards Jian Chen was not very amiable; it was evident that Jian Chen’s request for a larger table had left an extremely bad impression on the 50-60 year old teacher.

Seeing that the elder’s heart had some sort of prejudice against him, Jian Chen could not help but smile bitterly. He hadn’t imagined that just because of something like this, the teacher would actually have something against him. This had definitely gone against his expectations, but Jian Chen didn’t mind it too much.

Afterwards, Jian Chen directly removed his Space Belt. Unlike the other students that had removed the monster cores one by one, he directly grabbed a handful of at 10 monster cores and pulled them out, lightly placing them on the table. All of these monster cores were faint white in color, and were about one circle larger than the size of an adult’s finger.

Seeing Jian Chen pull out 10 monster cores at once, although the appraising elder was previously unsatisfied with Jian Chen’s earlier actions, he could not help inwardly nodding. However, just as the appraising elder had assumed these were all the monster cores Jian Chen had, Jian Chen’s hand once again reached into his Space Belt, and continue to pull out a great handful of monster cores. Once again, there were 10 of them in his hand.

Now there were already 20 monster cores on the table in front. Seeing this, the appraising elder’s eyes lit up. He looked at Jian Chen in astonishment and inwardly thought to himself, “This Changyang Xiang Tian’s reputation is indeed not undeserved. Although he has not yet reached Saint level, he was able to defeat a Saint. It seems that he really is quite skilled.”

Following this, Jian Chen continued to reach into his Space Belt and once again pulled out a handful of monster cores to gently place onto the table. “Dong dong dong” sounds rang out as the hard monster cores came into contact with the wooden table.

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Seeing Jian Chen once again take out 10 monster cores from his Space Belt, the expression of the appraising elder had instantly changed. His eyes now reflected complete shock, since by now, Jian Chen had taken out 30 monster cores, 7 more than Mu Tian had.

For a student that had not yet reached Saint level to have killed 30 Class 1 Magical Beasts within 3 days inside the forest was undoubtedly a record. Even the elder that had gone around the world and witnessed many things before could not help but be dumbstruck by disbelief. Although these magical beasts had relatively low attack power, it was by no means an easy task for a student only at the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer to kill them.

When Jian Chen grabbed 30 Monster Cores, the teacher evaluating him became astonished, along with the other teachers behind him as they watched this inconceivable sight. Only a few teachers who had inside information on the matter had a smile on their faces while the students lined up behind him had been dumbstruck when he had pulled the 30 monster cores out.

But Jian Chen didn’t bother to look at the stupefied expressions on the teachers and students around him. While everyone was staring at him, his hands went into his Space Belt once more and grabbed another bunch of monster cores to put onto the table. When his hand refused to stop, the teachers all looked on with a sluggish expression, as the cycle repeated and he reached into his Space Belt and grabbed yet another handful...

Soon after Jian Chen had placed a couple handsful of monster cores onto the table, the big official table was filled with monster cores. Although they were all Class 1 Monster Cores, because they came from different species, the cores would not be the same size or shape. Small cores were almost the size of the big toe of a person, and the biggest cores were the size of a small child’s fist.

Whether it was a student or teacher, both groups had been put into shock by Jian Chen. For a person who was not yet at the Saint level state to hunt and kill almost 100 Class 1 Magical Beast in a span of 3 days; if someone were to try to say this to someone else, they wouldn’t be believed. At this moment, aside from a small amount of people, every other person would not believe that it was Jian Chen who had killed all these magical beasts. Many people had thought that the huge amount of monster cores were a result of many people helping him collect monster cores or that he had stolen them. The consensus was that he could not have killed all those Class 1 Magical Beast by himself.

Seeing the official table being covered by a little under 100 monster cores from Jian Chen, the teacher in charge of counting them let out a deep breath. Although in his heart had already been set on the fact that Jian Chen had to have fought many other groups for monster cores. He had to admire Jian Chen’s strength however, even when it came to dishonorable acts like thievery, the teachers would not care since this is a common event in the Tian Yuan continent.

Seeing almost 100 Class 1 Monster Cores from Jian Chen, the vice headmaster Bai En let loose a look of incredulousness. He knew in his heart that the reason why the 2nd region had so many less people hunting for monster cores was because they had been robbed by Jian Chen. There was no doubt that Jian Chen had stolen all of the monster cores from someone else, otherwise, everyone would have passed the test with the monster cores they earned by a legitimate show of strength from killing magical beasts.

With this recent development, the vice headmaster Bai En was quite emotional today as even his heart shook. Though at the same time, there was a small amount of doubt, could it be that Jian Chen and Tie Ta could easily kill magical beasts without even adding qi to weapons? Were they just not using cultivation anymore? Unexpectedly, Jian Chen and Tie Ta had both killed around 100 magical beasts over the span of the last three days.

The look in the teacher’s eye was quite complicated. Soon after he had started to count the monster cores on the table; the teacher didn’t ask how Jian Chen had acquired these monster cores since the definite conclusion was already clear in his mind.

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