Chapter 45: Luo Jian's Defeat
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 45: Luo Jian's Defeat

“Alright then, you take care of yourself fourth brother. Luo Jian’s strength has already reached the middle ranked Saint level.” Changyang Hu immediately went off to help his friends. Although seeing Jian Chen in the 3rd region was unexpected, he knew that now wasn’t the time to try to figure out how or why.

Because Jian Chen and Tie Ta’s sudden appearance, the originally disadvantaged Changyang Hu and his group were now on an even playing field. Moreover, because of Tie Ta’s existence, the winds of battle were blowing in their favor. The playing field was now sloped towards them in a short amount of time.

Looking at the Luo Jian’s dark and swarthy face, Jian Chen laughed, “Luo Jian, it looks like your plan to steal our monster cores will end in failure, your monster cores will be given to us instead.”

Luo Jian’s face grew angry as his eyes flashed dangerously, “Changyang Xiang Tian, you don’t have the power to take away my monster cores.”

Jian Chen looked at Luo Jian with some disdain before saying, “Then let’s test it out; let’s see if I have the power to snatch away your monster cores or not.” Jian Chen said nothing more after that, as his body started to sway before charging quickly at Luo Jian. His hand held the iron rod and struck like a viper towards Luo Jian’s chest, using the darkness of the night as its cover.

A flash of killing intent went through Luo Jian’s eyes as he held his cyan colored sword up. He brandished it in an imposing manner before slashing at Jian Chen. Since Luo Jian was not only a middle ranked Saint, but also had wind attributed Saint Force, his attacks were even faster than before. So much that whenever he swung his blade an after image would appear.

Seeing the sword come down towards his head, Jian Chen dodged to the side, and continued to thrust the iron rod towards Luo Jian’s chest.

Luo Jian’s face changed as he realized the speed the iron rod was traveling at was extremely high. At that critical moment, his sword was too far out to bring it back to protect himself, but his reaction speed wasn’t too slow either. Reabsorbing the wind Saint Force into his body, he forced his body to move backwards and bring back his sword.

Luo Jian’s speed became faster; the moment Jian Chen’s iron touched Luo Jian’s clothes, he had already escaped from Jian Chen’s range of attack. As soon as he had escaped Jian Chen’s range, he immediately started to gather the Saint Force into his hands again to slash at Jian Chen again with the sword.

Luo Jian’s attack was fairly simple, but to Jian Chen’s eyes, it was a mess of an attack; not a single amount of technique or finesse was shown. However, Jian Chen still didn’t dare to belittle it too much.

Jian Chen leapt into the air to dodge Luo Jian’s sword. Immediately springing off from a tree trunk, he flew towards Luo Jian, his arms shaking, causing a faint mirror image to appear behind him. Jian Chen’s arm was already traveling at high speeds, and the iron rod was traveling at the speed of lightning towards Luo Jian, so even the naked eye wouldn’t be able to see it.

Luo Jian’s eyes widened in realization as the iron rod had already reached him. This time Luo Jian was unable to defend himself from Jian Chen’s attack nor was he able to dodge in time, resulting in the iron rod piercing deeply into his chest.

Luo Jian’s face hardened as he stared at the impaled iron rod within him, a dumbfounded expression appearing on his face. Not only was there a tinge of disbelief on his face, but despair and fear as well. When the iron rod had pierced into him, he had been unable to mount any type of resistance against it. He had no defense, due to the iron rod being a lot faster in speed than he had been able to react to. Even if he was a wind attribute Saint, the iron rod had still skewered straight through him, causing a fatal injury.

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What followed afterwards was beyond everyone’s expectations. The moment Jian Chen’s iron rod had pierced into Luo Jian’s chest, everyone had stopped moving, Then, a pure amount of Saint Force transferred from the iron rod into Luo Jian’s body. With the removal of the rod, the support disappeared, and Luo Jian dropped onto the ground.

When Jian Chen had sent his Saint Force infused soul into Luo Jian’s body, it was as if his body had exploded. The energy rippled through Luo Jian’s body like an energy wave, wreaking havoc within his organs.

“Pff!” Luo Jian immediately spit out a mouthful of blood. The fierce pain he was feeling inside his body was strange and unknown to him; he let loose a blood curling scream as he rolled on the ground.

Luo Jian’s scream was abnormally desolate and immediately caught the attention of all those still fighting. However, as their eyes looked at the rolling Luo Jian, everyone except Tie Ta was stunned into silence. What they were watching caused them no small amount of shock, and many of them still couldn’t believe their eyes.

Even after finishing off Luo Jian, Jian Chen didn’t consider letting the group of robbers go. Holding his iron rod as he stood in the middle, he thought that it was lucky that he had met his older brother Changyang Hu now. If he had met Changyang Hu later, then Jian Chen was afraid that his brother would have lost all of his monster cores to Luo Jian’s group and been left with a heavy injury.

With Jian Chen entering the battle, the opposition no longer had the upper hand. Although Jian Chen wasn’t a Saint like everyone else, he undoubtedly was the most powerful amongst everyone present.

In his past life, Jian Chen was a traveling wanderer who had practiced the way of the sword, to the point where he had reached perfection with it. His moves were hard to detect since he moved so fast that it was inconceivable at some points. People who were relying on only their eyes wouldn’t be able to see him. Since Jian Chen was only using an iron rod, his true strength could not be brought out. The opponents in front of him were mere students with little battle experience. With his extraordinary sword knowledge, he could quickly end the battle.

Until the end of the fight, no one had realized that the weapon Jian Chen was using wasn’t actually a Saint Weapon, but actually just a common iron rod.

After the fight, all of the injured students that took part in the robbery sat down on the ground. Each one of them had a different type of wound on different spots, and they all looked at Jian Chen with terror.

Looking at the 8 youths on the floor, although Changyang Hu and his team of 4 were heavily injured, they couldn’t help but reveal the joy of victory while looking at Jian Chen with stares of respectful admiration.

“Changyang Hu, I didn’t think you’d unexpectedly have such an amazingly strong fourth brother. His strength really leaves me astonished!”

“That’s right, Changyang Hu. Although we heard about your fourth brother’s strength a long time ago, I didn’t think that he was this amazing until now. Even the middle level Saint Luo Jian was defeated by him; if it weren’t for your fourth brother’s help, I’m afraid that our group wouldn’t have been able to protect the monster cores we worked so hard to get.”


The three youths and Changyang Hu had a decent relationship with each other. Each one of them sighed in joy as they excitedly discussed the recent events.

At this moment, Jian Chen arrived by Changyang Hu’s side and looked at his wounds. With some concern he asked, “Big brother, do you have any serious injuries?”

Hearing this, Changyang Hu shook his head absentmindedly. Looking at Jian Chen with joy and surprise, he replied, “I’m fine, just fine. It’s only a small wound. Don’t forget, your older brother has the earth attributed Saint Force, which improves my defenses by a lot.” Changyang Hu paused for a bit and then asked, “That’s right, fourth brother, how did you come across the 3rd region; I remember that before we entered the forest, your strength was still before the Saint level? Also, how did you become so amazing, for you to even defeat Luo Jian?” Changyang Hu asked curiously.

Jian Chen laughed and said, ”Big brother, this type of situation should be explained later over a nice and slow talk. Right now, we still have to take care of the problem in front of us.” Jian Chen’s swept his gaze over at the several students who were on the ground, “Big brother, how do you think we should punish these guys?”

Giving the question some thought, he said, “Fourth brother, this should be resolved by you. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid our group of four would have had all of our monster cores stolen.”

Jian Chen’s face had a deep smile on it as he said, “In that case, there’s no need to be merciful to them. At the very least, we should collect all of their monster cores from their Space Belts.”

Jian Chen’s suggestion was quickly approved by everyone, and so under the poisonous and hateful glares of Luo Jian’s group, they quickly grabbed all of the Space Belts and collected the monster cores inside. After checking their inventories, the 8 of them had a total of 130 monster cores.

Seeing such a number, even Jian Chen was astonished by the amount. Changyang Hu exclaimed in admiration, “I didn’t think that they would have this many monster cores; it looks like they robbed many people before us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to kill so many monsters in a span of 3 days with their strength.”

Jian Chen nodded his head in approval before saying, “Big brother, let’s split the cores into 6 parts so that we each get an equal share.”

“That’s no good.” Jian Chen turned towards the new speaker; a youth from Changyang Hu’s team, “Changyang Xiang Tian, the only reason we were able to obtain these monster cores was because of you and your fellow comrade here. We didn’t do anything at all, so you shouldn’t split the cores with us and keep it among the two of you.”

The student’s suggestion was quickly approved by the other two students. One of them immediately said, “Oz is right. Changyang Xiang Tian, if it weren’t for you and your friend, the strength of us 4 wouldn’t have been enough to win. I’m afraid we wouldn’t have even been able to protect our own monster cores. But now that our monster cores are safe from their grasp, we are satisfied. The monster cores you got from Luo Jian and his friends are something we don’t want.”

“Right, Changyang Xiang Tian, you were able to get these monster cores with the combined strength of you and your friend. How could we be shameless enough to divide this up?”

Jian Chen’s eyes flickered with a bright glow as he looked at their faces, searching for any signs of falsity. However, he could only see sincere honesty, with absolutely no traces of dishonesty. His respect for the 3 grew tremendously, but he truly did admire his older brother the most. He didn’t think his older brother would be able to find 3 friends with such good personalities like this. Although Changyang Hu had the body and brain of a tiger, Jian Chen understood that his brother was not at all stupid.

Jian Chen laughed and said, “Everyone had contributed to this situation. If it weren’t for you guys stalling them, if they had somehow joined forces with Luo Jian to attack me, I’m afraid that I would have lost then. Let’s go with this, Tie Ta and I will take half of the monster cores, and you guys will take the rest and divide it amongst yourselves. That should be fine, right?”

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