Chapter 44: Coincidental Meeting with Big Brother
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 44: Coincidental Meeting with Big Brother

Tie Ta didn’t seem to care at all, “I bet it’s someone fighting against another magical beast.”

At first, Jian Chen thought so too, but the knowledge from his previous life had told him that these were the sounds of battle between people. In this environment, no matter what sound it was, Jian Chen was always on alert, especially since he had already been attacked by his fellow students multiple times earlier that day. Jian Chen had seen those older and more experienced students fall due to not always being on guard, Jian Chen didn’t plan to end up like them.

Straining his ears to hear the most minute of sounds, Jian Chen tried to catch the sounds he heard earlier. But as soon as he furrowed his eyebrows in thought, he heard the sound again. It wasn’t the sound of a person fighting a magical beast, but of two people fighting each other. In addition, the sounds were getting closer.

Jian Chen looked at Tie Ta and said, “Tie Ta, that’s not the sound of a person fighting against a magical beast, but of two people fighting each other. The sounds are getting louder and louder, so you should prepare yourself; we might end up fighting.” Jian Chen didn’t choose to change locations. With their current strength, they could easily protect themselves. In addition, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Tie Ta immediately became interested as he grabbed his battleaxe and asked, “How many people do you think are fighting? Changyang Xiang Tian, do you think we should take a look?”

Jian Chen held the iron rod over the fire, “No need, even without our interference, they’ll be approaching us soon enough.”

“Ah!” Tie Ta sat back down after that with a look of serenity.

Soon enough, the sounds of battle became louder and louder, to the point where even Tie Ta could hear it. A group of figures quickly came scurrying out from the bushes, and ran to where the bonfire was.

Right behind them, a person wearing black flashed in, clearly chasing the other group.

“My two friends, the group behind wants to steal our monster core. Not only are they strong, but their numbers are greater than ours, I hope that we can combine forces and fight them off; otherwise, the hard work we had painstakingly earned over the last 2 days will be taken by them.” One person shouted from a distance. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta were only 2 people, if they joined them then they would be able to fairly go against the opposite party.

Hearing that voice, Jian Chen’s eyebrows knitted together. He felt that this voice was very familiar to him, as if he had heard it before. However, he couldn’t place a name on the voice; clearly it hadn’t left much of an impression.

The four people that were running away were getting closer and closer to Jian Chen now. The person chasing them from behind suddenly sped forward and blocked off the four from moving forward anymore. Holding his giant sword up, he swung his sword at the ones who were still running.

The one leading the team fought back with his own Saint Weapon to block against the sword.

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The two people had a huge difference in strength that could easily be seen, as the one who had blocked the attack was thrown backwards violently.

With this distraction, the people chasing from behind had finally caught up and once more started to attack those who were trying to run away. There were 8 people that had come in pursuit, and all of them quite strong. The difference between their numbers only added to the pressure; without reinforcements, the ones who were trying to run away would ultimately lose.

“Luo Jian, just wait there, I won’t let you get away.” One of the ones who were running away snarled.

Hearing this, Jian Chen who was standing not too far away went rigid. The voice who spoke out was one he was familiar with; it was his older brother Changyang Hu.

“Big brother!” Jian Chen cried out in astonishment. Immediately his face became one of shock, and without hesitation, he rushed on over with his iron rod in hand.

Seeing Jian Chen move, Tie Ta began follow Jian Chen with his battleaxe in hand. For the past 3 days, Tie Ta had started to follow all of Jian Chen’s commands without even realizing it.

Over the course of the 3 days, Jian Chen’s strength had been fully revealed. With his experience of surviving in the forest and his strategy, Tie Ta had been humbled by Jian Chen’s talents.

Flying across the ground, Jian Chen ran across the grass towards where the fight was taking place. His hands blurred as the iron rod flew through the air and pierced into one of the people his brother was fighting. He was relieved to hear that one of the people coming towards him was his older brother, Changyang Hu.

Although everyone had noticed Jian Chen and Tie Ta, and were all cautiously guarded against the two, Jian Chen had moved far too fast and without warning. In their limited lines of sight due to the darkness, no one had noticed to the iron rod in Jian Chen’s hand.

The pointed end of the iron rod stabbed into the Changyang Hu’s attacker, causing him to scream out in pain into the night sky as he whirled around. Without waiting for the guy to react further, Jian Chen immediately brought his leg to his chest and kicked him away into the air.

“Agh!” At this moment, Tie Ta also charged over. He swung his axe around, hacking away at the enemies, causing them to be batted away.

But the person Tie Ta was swinging at wasn’t slow to react either. Watching the axe come down on them, his face didn’t reveal the smallest amount of fear, and instead, he brought his sword up to block the axe.


Once the sword met the battleaxe, Tie Ta and the other were brought to a deadlock with a loud clang. Their weapons shook; Tie Ta remained where he stood, while the other person was forcibly sent flying backwards.

With Tie Ta’s godly strength, unless one was a giant, then he/she would stand no chance against Tie Ta. But the person who was fighting against him was no giant, and so he had taken a huge loss.

However, even with that development, Tie Ta’s battleaxe chipped once more. Although the difference in strength was huge, if Tie Ta had not enveloped his battleaxe with his own Saint Force, then the battleaxe would have long since been destroyed.

“Ah!’ Tie Ta let loose a snarl as he brandished his battleaxe. The group of robbers then dispatched another 2 people to face off against Tie Ta.

“Dang!” After his clear clang, another person who didn’t understand how strong Tie Ta was collided against him one more time. Immediately, he was launched into the air by Tie Ta’s battleaxe, which caused his battleaxe to chip even more.

Although Tie Ta’s battleaxe was strong, it was far from being on the same level as a Saint Weapon, because every Saint Weapon had a great amount of energy within it. With a Saint Weapon, one could release an attack far stronger than normal blows. However, these people Jian Chen were fighting against were far too weak, and some of them were still at the primary levels of a Saint. While Tie Ta could go toe to toe with those primary leveled Saints, his battleaxe had been through far too many collisions.

“Be careful, his strength is extraordinarily high, and watch out for his battleaxe.” The one who was blown away from him yelled as a warning.

Hearing his companion’s warning, the remaining youth became extremely cautious. He dodged the battleaxe, and grabbed onto Tie Ta’s Space Belt...

Jian Chen was moving around with the speed of lightning. as his iron rod flashed this way and that. With his body moving like a spirit’s, he fought alongside with Changyang Hu. Already dyed red with blood, the iron rod was concealed under the shade of the night, as if it was a viper. As he wandered about the area in the darkness, his iron rod shot out silently, in a silent manner that was difficult for his enemies to detect.

Jian Chen was striking out with his iron rod so fast that even the person fighting Changyang Hu were not able to react in time, as his thighs were speared through with the iron rod.

The person’s face grimaced in pain as he let out a painful scream, and clenched his hands in reflex. Changyang Hu was not courteous enough to wait for him to simmer down, and immediately sliced at his opponent’s left shoulder.

Immediately, he cried out in pain again as his left arm was cut, the sword cutting the bone clean off, leaving his arm to be connected to his arm by a small amount of flesh. A torrent of blood came spurting out as he grabbed at it.

A cyan colored light illuminated the night as they all saw a giant sword appear and slash down towards Jian Chen.

“Wind attributed Saint Force!” Seeing the cyan light envelop the sword, Jian Chen’s own face hardened. He immediately used the Profound Steps and melted away into the air like a mirage. As soon as he had faded away, the cyan sword immediately slashed through at the spot where Jian Chen had just been standing.

Jian Chen reappeared 3 meters away, not too far away. The person who had slashed at him stood arrogantly at the spot; wearing a raggedy academy uniform dyed red with blood, his face was covered by the night, so Jian Chen couldn’t recognize him.

Jian Chen’s eyes focused on the group. He snorted and said in a low voice, “Luo Jian, I didn’t think I would meet you here.”

The youth Jian Chen addressed was startled. He thought the voice was far too familiar, so he carefully stared at Jian Chen. Although it was nighttime, there was still a gleaming light in the sky that allowed him to see Jian Chen’s face clearly.

However, after 3 days of constant fighting in the forest, without any clear water, everyone’s faces was jetblack. It was impossible for people to see each other’s appearances with ease.

However, the nearby Changyang Hu heard the voice of Jian Chen, and his face became one of shock; he couldn’t believe his eyes or ears, “You’’re fourth brother!” Changyang Hu was astonished; when it came to Jian Chen’s voice, he was all too familiar with it.

Luo Jian suddenly came to a realization as he laughed, “No wonder I thought your voice was familiar. So it was Changyang Xiang Tian after all. I didn’t think you would breakthrough to becoming a Saint; I really am amazed at that.” After saying that, his eyes flashed dangerously.

Jian Chen turned around and face Changyang Hu, “Big brother, we’ll talk later. Right now, I’ll remove the crisis in front of us. You go help the others, and leave Luo Jian to me.”

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