Chapter 44: Coincidental Meeting with Big Brother
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 44: Coincidental Meeting with Big Brother

Tie Ta didn’t seem to care at all, “I bet it’s someone fighting against another magical beast.”

At first, Jian Chen thought so too, but the knowledge from his previous life had told him that these were the sounds of battle between people. In this environment, no matter what sound it was, Jian Chen was always on alert, especially since he had already been attacked by his fellow students multiple times earlier that day. Jian Chen had seen those older and more experienced students fall due to not always being on guard, Jian Chen didn’t plan to end up like them.

Straining his ears to hear the most minute of sounds, Jian Chen tried to catch the sounds he heard earlier. But as soon as he furrowed his eyebrows in thought, he heard the sound again. It wasn’t the sound of a person fighting a magical beast, but of two people fighting each other. In addition, the sounds were getting closer.

Jian Chen looked at Tie Ta and said, “Tie Ta, that’s not the sound of a person fighting against a magical beast, but of two people fighting each other. The sounds are getting louder and louder, so you should prepare yourself; we might end up fighting.” Jian Chen didn’t choose to change locations. With their current strength, they could easily protect themselves. In addition, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Tie Ta immediately became interested as he grabbed his battleaxe and asked, “How many people do you think are fighting? Changyang Xiang Tian, do you think we should take a look?”

Jian Chen held the iron rod over the fire, “No need, even without our interference, they’ll be approaching us soon enough.”

“Ah!” Tie Ta sat back down after that with a look of serenity.

Soon enough, the sounds of battle became louder and louder, to the point where even Tie Ta could hear it. A group of figures quickly came scurrying out from the bushes, and ran to where the bonfire was.

Right behind them, a person wearing black flashed in, clearly chasing the other group.

“My two friends, the group behind wants to steal our monster core. Not only are they strong, but their numbers are greater than ours, I hope that we can combine forces and fight them off; otherwise, the hard work we had painstakingly earned over the last 2 days will be taken by them.” One person shouted from a distance. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta were only 2 people, if they joined them then they would be able to fairly go against the opposite party.

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