Chapter 43: Counter Steal
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 43: Counter Steal

Jian Chen and Tie Ta immediately dove to the side. After two days of relentlessly fighting magical beasts, even the thick skulled Tie Ta had started to pick up battle experience. This paid off; as Tie Ta dodged the incoming attack, he instinctively swung his battleaxe at the leg of the assailant in a swift counterattack.

However, the group in front of them was proving hard to deal with. Just as the battleaxe was about to hit one of them in the thigh, a sword flew out and hit the battleaxe with a colliding sound.


Metal met metal, as Tie Ta’s battleaxe was obstructed. Due to Tie Ta’s terrifying strength, the battleaxe continued to slide down the blade of the sword before stopping at the hilt. Immediately, the youth holding the sword suddenly felt his entire arm go numb, as the battleaxe smashed itself against his arm, causing his whole hand to shake.

The youth was astonished and cried out to his friends, “Everyone be careful, this guy’s strength is abnormally strong. It’s best if you don’t get into arm's reach of him!”

Hearing the warning, the other two students fighting Tie Ta immediately became more cautious, and tried to avoid his giant battleaxe.

On the side, Jian Chen was fighting intensely with the other youth holding a sword. Although Jian Chen’s weapon was only a corroded iron rod, his fighting capabilities weren’t any lower than Tie Ta’s. He wasn’t any weaker either since he could easily use his agility to move around his opponent’s moves. Seeing an opening, Jian Chen quickly stabbed his iron rod into the opponent’s thigh with a lightning fast speed. Since this was another student at the academy, he didn’t dare to aim to kill, but instead aimed to injure.

Jian Chen’s speed was so fast that the student didn’t have time to react, and could only watch in shock as the iron rod stabbed into his thigh.

“Ah!” The youth cried out in pain as his face drained of color, and sweat dripped down his forehead.

Hearing his companion cry out, the other sword wielder’s face changed. Unable to fight Jian Chen personally, he cried out to his friend, “Harry, are you okay?”

Although that youth wasn’t attacking Jian Chen anymore, Jian Chen wasn’t going to let him off that easily. As Jian Chen moved towards him, the Saint Force condensed into Jian Chen’s fist as he suddenly punched the youth in the chest.

Still moving at fast speeds, he refused to listen to the youth’s complaints, or even wait for the youth to react. Jian Chen’s palm struck out silently like a viper, and hit the other squarely on the chest.

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