Chapter 33: Viper
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 33: Viper

After Jian Chen introduced Tie Ta to his older brother Changyang Hu and talked for a while before being split up by the vice headmaster Bai En.

After the headmaster Bai En had made a speech, he had the rest of the students clean up a bit before taking away everyone’s Space Ring in order to prevent people from storing their own monster cores within it. He gave them a cheap Space Belt to compensate, a single one of these belts weren’t all that expensive and were actually a very common item so the academy could afford to hand out a thousand of them.

The space within the belt was very small as well, and could only hold up to a meter squared. However, it was sufficient for holding monster cores, for now, each belt held a small amount of medication just in case of an injury.

Once all of the preparations were complete, all 1000 students left the academy in a grand exit. Heading for the forest 20 miles away, a few dozen teachers accompanied them. Their mission was to split up in the forest and rescue any student in a life threatening situation with the vice headmaster Bai En to lead the group.

After exiting from the academy, everyone’s speed gradually picked up. Since the weakest student amongst them was around the 8th Saint Force Layer, the speed could definitely be faster, although they were already traveling at very fast speeds.

After two hours of traveling, everyone finally reached the outskirts of the forest where they could all see a faint white light illuminating from within.

Jian Chen looked strangely at the white light that covered the forest,he had read many books in the library, so he understood the reason behind the white light.

300 years ago, this place had been a grassy wasteland with no forest in sight. Using 1000 people from Kargath, they finally developed the area and after 1 year of work, a forest was created. Although at that time, the area of the forest was only 50 kilometers. After hundreds of years, the forest had developed into what it was today.

After the forest had grown, Kargath Academy’s headma

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