Chapter 34: Casually Hunting Class 1 Monster Core
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 34: Casually Hunting Class 1 Monster Core

Looking at the detached head spin through the air as the body spasmed spraying blood, Tie Ta’s face was full of alarm. At this moment they had easily killed a Class 1 Magical Beast, allowing himself to feel more confident about his strength. The cyan colored viper hadn’t even made Tie Ta expend a great amount of his energy at all.

Jian Chen slowly separated the body of the viper from the iron rod and wiped the blood onto the surrounding grass. It had actually been Jian Chen who contributed the most in killing the Class 1 Magical Beast; if it were not for his lightning quick thrust through the viper’s body and dealing it a huge wound as it was pierced, then Tie Ta’s battleaxe would not have been able to sever the snake’s head.

Recollecting his battleaxe, Tie Ta’s face looked at the detached head proudly while stepping on the viper’s dead carcass. “Changyang Xiang Tian, this is a Class 1 Magical beast? How weak it was!”

Jian Chen laughed as he heard Tie Ta, “It’s not that the magical beasts are weak, it’s because us two combined are too strong. Besides, this Class 1 Magical Beast wouldn’t give much trouble for even a person who just recently broke through to becoming a Saint.”

Tie Ta returned Jian Chen’s smile and wiped his battleaxe dry from the blood. Bringing it to his shoulder, he let loose a laugh and said, “If you say that, then doesn’t that mean we can casually walk around and kill Class 1 Magical Beasts?”

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It looked as if Jian Chen had came to a realization as his face revealed a joyful smile, “Not bad, with our two strengths, even if we were to fight against a Class 1 Magical Beast by ourselves we would be able to kill it easily. But if we were to join together, then no magical beast in the 2nd region would be able to bring us trouble. The magical beasts here aren’t strong because the academy had meant for them to be for students to help pick up battle experience. There won’t be any strong magical beasts here, except…” He trailed off in thought.

Jian Chen’s silence caused Tie Ta to pause, “Except what…”

“Unless we come across a group of magical beasts. However, we still don’t know what’s here or not.” Jian Chen’s face was serious as he spoke. With his strength, Jian Chen would not find any problems if he came across a Class 1 Magical Beast, but if he came across a whole group of them, then there would be no way at all.

Tie Ta wrinkled his eyebrows together and said uncertainly, “That shouldn’t be likely. I’ve been in the forests many times and never saw a whole bunch of magical beasts together.”

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