Chapter 32: Monster Core Hunt
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 32: Monster Core Hunt

Jian Chen looked outside at the sky from his window. The sun had been out for a while, so Jian Chen knew that it was no longer early in the morning.

Today was a special day for Kargath Academy since this was when they would hold a large scale event where all the students and teachers would take part in. This event was called the Wilderness Survival. Every student would have to leave Kargath Academy to live in the forest 20 miles away for 3 days. Within the 3 days, every student had to have at least 2 Class 1 Monster Cores. For those who reached the Saint level, then they would need 2 Class 2 Monster Cores. The amount of Monster Cores wasn’t limited, but whoever got the most Monster Cores would be gifted with a rich reward--an earth attribute Class 4 Monster core as well as a Space Ring.

The reward was so tempting, that if put under the nose of the children from rich backgrounds, even they would become emotionally moved from it.

At the same time, any student that had reached this standard could also access the books about various battle skills and cultivation methods on the library’s fourth level. This reward was especially enticing to those from average commoner families.

Battle skills were techniques that could create strong attacks. Along with the distinct uses of Saint Force, it could boost one’s power to 120%, making them techniques that would completely surpassed one’s original abilities.

On the other hand, cultivation methods could only be used when one reached the Saint level. Some commoner families didn’t even know the lowest level cultivation methods and so children born in these families have to rely on the superficial breathing method given to them to cultivate Saint Force. These breathing methods were circulated around the entire Tian Yuan continent. Their steps were extremely simple, so most commoner families knew everything about these methods. The only downside was that these breathing methods could only help them cultivate to the 10th Saint Force layer, and were completely useless to people who had already reached Saint level. Thus, battle skills and cultivation methods were seen as unattainable treasures to commoners.

On Tian Yuan continent, all the battle skills and cultivation methods were divided into four levels: Human Tier, Earth Tier, Heaven Tier and Saint Tier. Every Tier were then split into 3 separate levels: Primary, Middle and Advanced.

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