Chapter 31: A Breakthrough--Peak of 10th Layer
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 31: A Breakthrough--Peak of 10th Layer

Bai En’s terrifying gaze lingered on Luo Jian for some time before snorting loudly. His gaze then shifted over to the still fighting Tie Ta and Cheng Ming Xiang before he said in a low voice, “Are you still not stopping?” His voice boomed like thunder, as the two people were struck by the loud echo, causing them to temporarily go deaf.

Tie Ta and Cheng Ming Xiang immediately paused; the moment they saw the vice headmaster. Tie Ta suddenly smiled with no small amount of excitement. Cheng Ming Xiang’s face, on the other hand, changed into one full of fear.

Tie Ta walked up to Jian Chen and slowly looked him over carefully. In a low voice, he whispered, “Changyang Xiang Tian, are you hurt?”

Jian Chen only shook his head before giving him a meaningful stare to stay silent.

Tie Ta only laughed in response; although he had the heart and body of a tiger, he could understand the meaning behind Jian Chen’s actions. Without saying anything more, he stood behind Jian Chen and remained silent as per his wishes. However, Tie Ta still continued to look carefully at Cheng Ming Xiang and winked at him as if to provoke him. Clearly the fight he had just now wasn’t enough for him to fully enjoy it.

The vice headmaster, Bai En, shot a strong glance towards Luo Jian and Cheng Ming Xiang, “Luo Jian, you’ve already broken the rules of the academy; you know your crime.”

Luo Jian lifted his head in aggravation, “Vice headmaster, giving pointers amongst students is very common. Changyang Xiang Tian and I were only doing that and not anything else. As for me breaking the academy rules, your student inquires of you, which rule did I break?”.

“Hmph, you still dare to quibble like this!” Bai En growled, “Luo Jian, what is the 66th rule for Kargath Academy?”

Luo Jian titled his head in thought before answering, “The 66th rule is that fighting in the library and the destruction of the library is prohibited.”

Bai En continued to stare at him, “If it weren’t for me blocking your Sword Qi, then I’m afraid that the library gates would have been bro

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