Chapter 30: Vice Headmaster Bai En
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 30: Vice Headmaster Bai En


Tie Ta and Cheng Ming Xiang’s fists collided into each other, creating a loud boom. A fierce shockwave exploded as the two fighters flew backwards.

Feeling Tie Ta’s power within his fist, Cheng Ming Xiang’s face faltered slightly, becoming a look of astonishment. Although Tie Ta’s strength wasn’t at the level of a Saint, the energy in Tie Ta’s fist was something that even a Saint couldn’t release. If it weren’t for the fact that Cheng Ming Xiang’s strength was stronger than Tie Ta by so much, then he would have suffered a huge loss from that confrontation. But even though he had made it out relatively unharmed, Cheng Ming Xiang’s shoulder had started to ache with pain.

Stretching his right shoulder a bit, Cheng Ming Xiang looked at Tie Ta in a new light, “The headmaster’s apprentice is truly marvelous. The power inside your fist is likewise frightening, and completely dominated my own fist. If you were a Saint, then your fist would have forced me into taking a huge amount of damage.”

Tie Ta’s godly strength was an inconceivable amount of power that no one else could compare themselves too. His strength was so strong that even Jian Chen gasped in astonishment. Against such a strong opponent, Tie Ta didn’t suffer a single trace of damage.

Tie Ta boomed with a happy laughter, and said, “Try again, I’ll return the favor immediately.” He swung his fists in a ready position as he faced Cheng Ming Xiang.

Looking at Tie Ta, Cheng Ming Xiang’s eyebrows knitted together as he looked the paling Luo Jian. “I’ll stall Tie Ta, you go teach Changyang Xiang Tian a lesson.” Without a pause, he charged at Tie Ta and the two started to fight once more.

Thanks to Tie Ta’s special status within the academy, Cheng Ming Xiang didn’t dare to use his Saint Weapon, and instead used his twin fists to fight him. But after a few rounds of close combat exchanges, Cheng Ming Xiang began to grumble to himself about how absurd Tie Ta’s strength was. Not only that, but Tie Tia’s body was like steel, so combined with his enormous strength that complimented his Saint Force, there was no way Cheng Ming Xiang would be able to defeat Tie Ta without using his Saint Weapon, despite being stronger than Tie Ta. He was using the entirety of his strength, but could only accomplish very little, such as pushing Tie Ta backwards. In addition, he still didn’t dare to fight head-on with Tie Ta for an extended period of time.

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