Chapter 29: Another Encounter With Tie Ta
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 29: Another Encounter With Tie Ta

Cheng Ming Xiang started to smile, “How could I miss a match like this?” He stared down at Jian Chen with disdain before saying, “Do you think that’s Changyang Xiang Tian?”

“Correct, Lord Cheng. He’s definitely that Changyang Xiang Tian who hurt our companions.” Luo Jian said as he stood behind Karl.

Cheng Ming Xiang nodded his head and said slowly, “Changyang Xiang Tian, you’re definitely not bad, to even hurt my comrades!” His voice was getting darker with each word.

Jian Chen’s mind already understood that these were a group of unreasonable children with rich parents, so arguing with them was of no use; they would only listen to force. Thus, Jian Chen didn’t bother to say any trash talk; instead, he said coldly, “So what if we fight; if you’re not happy with this, make the first move instead of spouting so much bullshit.”

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, Cheng Ming Xiang’s face gradually turned ashen, “Good. Good, good. Then it’s time to see how strong you really are.” With that, his body started to glow so brightly that the light extended 10 meters away to where Jian Chen was. Dashing forward, he launched his fist towards Jian Chen’s nose; against a person who wasn’t even a Saint, he wouldn’t even bother using his Saint Weapon.

Even Jian Chen knew that Cheng Ming Xiang’s strength far surpassed Ka Di Yun; the difference in Saint Force was far too great with his own as well. Therefore, Jian Chen absolutely could not afford to take that fist. Just when Cheng Ming Xiang’s fist was about to connect with Jian Chen’s head, his head suddenly blurred and dodged the fist. At the same time, Jian Chen’s two fists went up to grab at the incoming arm from Cheng Ming Xiang. Assuming a horse stance, he stiffened his back and pulled at the arm with both of his own.

Originally, when Cheng Ming Xiang was attacking, his center of gravity had been leaning forwards. Now, Jian Chen had pulled him further, he momentarily lost control over his body, and he began to fall forwards. However, Cheng Ming Xiang was quick to respond. Stamping on the ground with his foot, he exerted all his force to try to prevent any further pull from Jian Chen. As he did that, however, Jian Chen suddenly let go of Cheng Ming Xiang’s arm and immediately pummeled at his stomach with a barrage of blows that were as fast as lightning.

Since Cheng Ming Xiang’s center of gravity was now focused towards the back, when Jian Chen had punched him with all his might, his legs couldn’t help but stumbled backwards, as if he was struggling to avoid falling.

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