Chapter 28: Incoming Trouble (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 28: Incoming Trouble (Two)

In a flash, Luo Yun and Luo Jian arrived at the library gates. A few feet away from the big gates, the one who had been trailing Jian Chen, Chen Feng, was leaning against a tree trunk. His eyes were constantly watching Jian Chen, who was still reading with relish, and had completely forgotten about his surroundings.

When Chen Feng saw Luo Yun with Luo Jian by his side, he immediately ran over to them. He bowed at Luo Jian, and with a charming face, said, “I didn’t think that I would meet the lord Luo Jian here. I am truly honored to see you.” Chen Feng was extremely respectful; although he too belonged to a clan, within the Gesun Kingdom, it was a very minor one. It was only when he was joined together with the children of bigger clans that he dared to collect money from those weaker than him. With this, he had a strong relationship with the Luo Clan that would definitely bring him many benefits. If he was lucky, then his own clan would be pulled up into the higher ranks with the help of Luo Jian; after all, Luo Jian was to be the clan’s successor.

Luo Jian felt proud as he looked at the respectful Chen Feng, and gave a small wave of his hand, “Don’t say anymore crap, is Changyang Xiang Tian in the library?”

Even though Luo Jian had absolutely no trace of politeness, Chen Feng’s look of respect didn’t waver in the least. With a smile, he replied, “He is, Changyang Xiang Tian is still in the library.”

A sneer gradually formed on Luo Jian’s face, as he got the answer he wanted, “That’s good. Go inside and call him out for me.” The library had a rule that all fighting inside was prohibited, and even Luo Jian had to respect that rule, despite his family having a great amount of influence.

“Yes, of course, master Luo. I’ll have Changyang Xiang Tian out immediately,” Chen Feng said compliantly as he entered the library.

Inside the library, Jian Chen’s focus was still on his book; whenever he was in the library his guard was at its lowest. This was because within the library, he didn’t have to worry about others causing trouble or asking questions, so remaining on guard wasn’t needed.

While Jian Chen was lost in his own world, he had the sudden feeling of someone’s hand clasping down on his shoulder. Although he was still reluctant to part from his book, he looked to the youth standing next to me with a cold sneer on his face. From his memory, he remembered that this person was one of the four people who had tried to extort protection money from him.

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