Chapter 27: Incoming Trouble (Part One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 27: Incoming Trouble (Part One)

Immediately, the spared student ran over to the fallen two students. Concerned, he asked the pale youth that Jian Chen had kicked twice, “Luo Yun, are you alright?”

The student named Luo Yun nodded his head and spoke with a weak voice, “I’ll be fine after a few days of cultivation.” Turning around, he asked the other injured student and whispered, “Karl, you can find information around the academy faster than us; find out what that brat’s name is then have Master Cheng sort him out!”

Hearing his friend, Karl thought for a second before responding, “There’s no need to, I think I already know who he is.”

The other two student’s face lit up as Luo Yun said, “That’s great then, Karl, who is he?”

“In this years annual Freshmen Competition, there was an unusually strong competitor, the very same one that beat the Saint, Ka Di Yun, while being an 8th Saint Force layer practitioner. I think he’s that person.” Karl’s face grew dark as he said it.

As the two students heard Karl, their faces immediately changed. Looking at each other, Luo Yun said, “Could he really be that Changyang Xiang Tian?”

Karl nodded his head, “It’s very possible. Within the newest group of freshmen, only Changyang Xiang Tian could beat me. If he really is Changyang Xiang Tian, then we can’t even be considered his opponents on any reasonable level if he can really beat that Saint, Ka Di Yun. Even if he didn’t use his Saint Weapon, that’s still enough proof of Changyang Xiang Tian’s strength.”

“Hmph, even if he really is Changyang Xiang Tian, he still dared to cross my path. I definitely won’t let him have a peaceful time at this academy,” spoke the first person who had been attacked by Jian Chen.

Luo Yun’s white face started to sneer as he growled, “That’s good, our Luo clan’s young master had been asking around for news about Changyang Xiang Tian recently. If he hears about this, the young master will be happy. It’s a pity that we didn’t know where he was for the past few days; after searching for him, who knew that he would coincidentally just show up here and now?”

“Luo Yun, you go find the young master of your Luo Clan, Chen Feng and I will call out master Cheng. I doubt that Changyang Xiang Tian would be a match for master Cheng.” Karl growled.

“Fine, we’ll all do what we need to, but I suggest that we leave one person behind to continue observing Changyang Xiang Tian. Since the academy is so large, if Changyang Xiang Tian decides to hide, we’d never be able to find him,” Luo Yun proposed.

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