Chapter 26: Protection Fee
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 26: Protection Fee

The sun was out as Jian Chen walked across the sports field, where quite a few students were already exercising. Sparing a glance at those students, Jian Chen proceeded to move on towards the library. During the past 3 days, Jian Chen was constantly cultivating his Saint Force and did not have the time to go to the library at all. In Jian Chen’s eyes, the only thing the academy had to offer that really attracted him was the library. When it came to the classes taught by the teachers, Jian Chen didn’t have a single speck of interest, and he personally felt that it was a waste of time. The teachers didn’t have anything worthwhile to teach him, but the library did. After all, the library had records of everything that had happened on the Tian Yuan continent.

“Hey look, isn’t that Changyang Xiang Tian? I heard he beat the Saint, Ka Di Yun, while he was only at the 8th Saint Force layer…”

“It is, it is! I even watched Changyang Xiang Tian fight in the freshmen competition, but I didn’t get a chance to see him fight against Ka Di Yun, what a great shame…”

On the sports field, two males who saw Jian Chen were pointing from afar, while looking at him with a huge amount of respect.

“Wow, Changyang Xiang Tian is so cool and so strong. For him to beat the Saint, Ka Di Yun, while at the 8th Saint Force layer; he really is my idol…” Another first year minor noble girl cried, as her eyes sparkled with emotions.

More and more people started to gather on the field. As Jian Chen walked across the sports field, many of the surrounding people started to notice him. Ever since he had beaten Ka Di Yun three days ago, his name had spread around the academy in a mere few hours, and his reputation had skyrocketed to the point where even the teachers of Kargath Academy knew him by name.

Jian Chen quickly crossed the field into a shady area which would lead him to the library. Because there weren’t many people at the library, the path towards the library was fairly serene and quiet. With almost no people in sight, all Jian Chen could see was the scenery of nature, as the wind scattered countless leaves into the air with a rustling sound.

Just then, the shadows of a few people suddenly appeared in front of Jian Chen. It was a group of four people who were laughing and talking amongst themselves, each one of them looking to be around ** years old. A simple look at their school uniforms could identify them as students of the academy as well.

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