Chapter 25: Instructing Big Brother
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 25: Instructing Big Brother

In a blink of an eye, 3 days had past since the fight between Ka Di Yun and Jian Chen had taken place. Pretty much everyone in Kargath Academy knew about Changyang Xiang Tian now, you couldn’t even walk a few steps without hearing his name.

In the past 3 days, Jian Chen had spent every morning teaching his big brother martial techniques in the grottos. Other than that, he spent the rest of his time cultivating; the Class 3 Monster Core had drastically improved his cultivation rate. He wanted to hurry up and reach the 10th layer so that he could rush straight into the Saint level.

Jian Chen had been very curious on how condensing a Saint Weapon worked, but according to book explanations, once the Saint Weapon is condensed, it replaced one’s Saint Force. From that moment on, the Saint Weapon would be the origin for one’s power. While it remains in the body, it releases Saint Force, and when one summons it, the Saint Weapon becomes one’s strongest weapon. With it, one’s attack would be multiplied.

A Saint Weapon was one’s energy; if it were to break, then that person would lose all of their cultivation progress as well as receiving a fatal injury. If the break was fatal enough, then the practitioner would die. However, a Saint Weapon was extremely strong, it wouldn’t break unless the opposing side was vastly stronger than them.

The next morning, Jian Chen opened his eyes signifying the completion of last night’s cultivation. After 3 entire days of cultivation, the Saint Force inside Jian Chen had been strengthened and he estimated that he was long since past the 9th layer. He would have to test his Saint Force to find out whether or not he became a 10th layer practitioner or a Saint.

Getting off his bed, Jian Chen got dressed quickly before heading out of his dorm. The sky was still dark, and majority of the students were still cultivating or sleeping. The sports field was relatively peaceful since there were no people in sight. Only in remote corners did Jian Chen see a few other early risers practicing.

Passing the field, Jian Chen immediately headed towards the grotto. These past few days, Jian Chen was to spend some time every morning to teach his older brother some knowledge about the aspects of fighting. After all, in his previous world, Jian Chen was a wanderer and an expert for many years, so he had participated in countless battles. The amount of battle experience far surpassed that of the Kagarth Academy teachers. If actually compared, Jian Chen already had the qualifications to go teach the Kagarth Academy teachers.

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