Chapter 17: Freshmen Ruler
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 17: Freshmen Ruler

After resting for two hours, the competition finals finally started. Jian Chen and Tie Ta walked into the arena together, before walking to opposite ends 10 meters apart.

There were over 1000 students watching the arena already, while even more people were trying to find seats.

Jian Chen looked at Tie Ta with a smile as he spoke he praised Tie Ta, “Tie Ta, I didn’t think you were this amazing to be able to end up in the finals.”

Hearing Jian Chen’s compliment, Tie Ta’s face reddened from embarrassment, though it was obvious that he was very happy to hear the praise. With an honest laugh, Tie Ta spoke in a low voice, “Changyang Xiang Tian, you’re just as amazing.”

Stretching his arms and legs, Jian Chen laughed, “Tie Ta, this is the final round. Only one of us will be crowned the Freshmen Ruler, so you need to fight your hardest. If you beat me, then you’ll be the champion; by winning, you’ll earn a Class 3 Monster Core that is worth a few hundred purple coins. It’ll be worth enough to feed your family for a lifetime.”

Tie Ta grew pumped up after hearing Jian Chen talk, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I’ll definitely use all of my strength, so you’d better prepare yourself!”

Jian Chen could only laugh and nod, “I won’t be that easy to defeat.”


As the gong sounded to indicate the beginning of the match, Tie Ta immediately rushed forward after the sound. Tie Ta rushed at Jian Chen, and immediately reached out to grab him with both hands, he planned to use his heavenly blessed strength to lift and throw Jian Chen out of the arena.

Realizing his plan, Jian Chen laughed; he was already extremely familiar with Tie Ta’s style of fighting. For every single match so far, Tie Ta had used the same strategy, but it had worked nicely. If Jian Chen was caught by him, then it would be extremely difficult to escape from Tie Ta’s grasp.

Jian Chen retreated a few steps to escape from Tie Ta’s reach. Clenching his left hand into a fist, he used around 80% of his strength to strike at his chest.

Jian Chen’s fist was well timed and fast, not allowing Tie Ta any time to react at all.


Jian Chen’s fist let out a muffled sound on impact against Tie Ta’s chest. However, Jian Chen’s look of satisfaction slowly changed, while Tie Ta had a look of amazement. What he had punched did not feel like a human at all, instead, his fist had felt like it had smashed against a wall. Not only was Tie Ta strong, but his physical body was extremely robust, so robust that it was actually beyond belief.

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