Chapter 18: The Monster Core’s Cultivation Rate Support
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 18: The Monster Core’s Cultivation Rate Support

“Every month a Class 1 Monster Core will be given, as well as free access to the first five levels of the library?” Hearing Bai En’s explanation, Jian Chen’s heart swelled up in marvel. Could it be that the students weren’t able to even get a monster core every month? And who would have thought that the library would have a restriction imposed on it?

Receiving the medal, Jian Chen had already planned to ask his brother Changyang Hu about this later. He had already been in this academy for three or four days, but three of the days had been completely occupied by the martial arts competition. Even for the first day, he had barely half the day to himself, so he had very little time to find out more about the academy.

After Jian Chen exited from the arena, both Tie Ta and Tian Mu Xiong walked forward to accept their own prizes. After the ending ceremony, the crowd of students had already begun to disperse.

“Fourth brother, you’re seriously amazing! You really did win first place in the competition; once father hears about this, he’ll definitely be very happy about this.” As the two walked towards his dorm, Changyang Hu kept chattering away happily with Jian Chen.

As the two continued to talk, Jian Chen started to laugh, as he couldn’t help but feel the warm feelings he had remembered from his mother.

“If Mother found out about this, she would definitely be beyond happy.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

In a flash, Changyang Hu and Jian Chen arrived at the dorms and entered Jian Chen’s room. Changyang Hu impatiently asked Jian Chen, “Fourth brother, hurry up and show me the Class 3 Monster Core.”

Looking at Changyang Hu’s still excited expression, Jian Chen laughed and brought out the monster core from his space belt, handing it over to Changyang Hu.

Changyang Hu took the core into his hand and turned it around endlessly almost as if it was a treasured object. He clicked his tongue in admiration, “Fourth brother, you’re seriously amazing, to immediately get a Class 3 Monster Core straight after entering the academy. Your

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