Chapter 19: Inconvenience
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 19: Inconvenience

In a flash, three days had already passed. Although the three days were not long, it still allowed Jian Chen to become more accustomed to the lifestyle and environment in Kargath Academy. Within these three days, other than Jian Chen participating in classes on the first day, he had spent his time on the other two days either cultivating in his room, or wandering around the library.

Due to the fact that the curriculum taught by the teachers of the academy revolved around how one should behave, what should be done in a dangerous situation, and a few skills one would need in order to survive out in the areas outside the cities, Jian Chen felt that these things weren’t even worth learning. He was a wanderer in his previous life; with his experience, he could teach those teachers how the class should be taught.

With his battle experience and ability to live wherever in the world, he could teach both the teachers and the students by himself; as the teachers’ experience with battle was not at all extensive, it could not even be compared to Jian Chen’s.

The next morning, Jian Chen put on the academy uniform and headed straight for the library after eating a meal at the dining hall. The academy was very lax about their classes; if one wanted to attend, then they could attend, if one didn’t want to attend, then that was no problem either. After all, most of the nobles and children of rich families had already been tutored since young, so they had knowledge that could rival some of the teachers, but they lacked the experience. Therefore, the classes were pretty much only for the commoners to learn from. It was very rare that a noble would attend a class, and if they did, then it was a minor noble.

Arriving at the first level of the library, Jian Chen took a few books, and began to eagerly read them at a table in the reading area.

Kargath Academy’s library was expansive, and there was a generous amount of books on almost every subject. It was vastly superior to the library back in Changyang Mansion, and Jian Chen could find many books that couldn’t be found back at home, helping him understand the world to a better extent.

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