Chapter 20: Challenge
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 20: Challenge

Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel fury from Ka Di Liang’s arrogance. Holding his own head up to look at him with disdain, Jian Chen said, “You were defeated by me before, what right do you have to demand a challenge from me?” Even now, Jian Chen’s own tone carried a hint of arrogance that he had carried over from his previous world. This was a habitual attitude that somehow came out by accident.

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, Ka Di Liang’s handsome face went deathly white. Extreme anger flashed through his eyes, but he didn’t dare to break the pacifistic rules of the library; otherwise he would had long since attacked Jian Chen.

Even Ka Di Qiu Li, who was standing by her brother’s side, was indignant. Glaring at Jian Chen, she started to jeer, “Hmph, you won’t even accept my brother’s challenge to a duel, what kind of man are you?”

Hearing Ka Di Qiu Li back him up, Ka Di Liang’s eyes brightened up and felt reenergized, “That’s right; not accepting a duel, that’s what a coward does. Changyang Xiang Tian, I’ll be waiting for you at the fighting arena. If you admit that you’re a coward, then don’t come. Third sister, let’s go to the arena!” After that, Ka Di Liang glared at Jian Chen before turning around to exit the library.

“Hmph, Changyang Xiang Tian, you better come; you’re a coward if you don’t show up!” Ka Di Qiu Li cried out as she followed her brother.

“Changyang Xiang Tian, isn’t that the new Freshmen Ruler from the competition…?”

“Seems about right, I heard that Changyang Xiang Tian is at the 8th Saint Force layer but he ended up beating several students who were a layer higher, how amazing…”

After Ka Di Qiu Li left, the entire library started to buzz with comments. Everyone was starting to comment about the Freshman Ruler, Changyang Xiang Tian.

Even the girl who was sitting next to Jian Chen had a small look of astonishment as she looked at him. Her eyes were blinking rapidly from this development, and it was clear to see that she had not expected Jian Chen to be the Freshmen Ruler.

Jian Chen slowly clasped shu

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