Chapter 21: Saint--Ka Di Yun
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 21: Saint--Ka Di Yun

Seeing how close he was to hitting his target, Ka Di Liang felt a tiny amount of regret. However, he immediately went back into motion, and flung a kick at Jian Chen.

In a flash, 10 moves had passed without Jian Chen retaliating, and every single move from Ka Di Liang had been easily dodged. But to everyone else that was watching, Jian Chen had been narrowly dodging each move by the skin of his teeth, causing everyone watching, including Changyang Hu, to break out in cold sweat as they watched in anxiety.

Ka Di Liang’s attacks were fairly fast and furious, but none of the 10 moves he had lashed out with even touched Jian Chen’s clothes. Having not landed a single blow, Ka Di Liang was angry beyond belief.

Finally lifting a fist to block Ka Di Liang’s fist, Jian Chen spoke, “10 moves have passed, it’s my turn.” Without waiting for a response, he aimed a kick at Ka Di Liang.

The speed in which his leg was moving was extremely fast; there wasn’t even enough time for Ka Di Liang to dodge. By the time he tried to move his hand up to block, Jian Chen’s leg had already smashed against Ka Di Liang’s chest.

“Deng!” “Deng!” “Deng!”

The force of Jian Chen’s leg caused Ka Di Liang to stumble backwards. As he steadied himself Ka Di Liang gave Jian Chen a dumbstruck look; although Jian Chen was only at the 8th Saint Force layer, Jian Chen’s strength had far surpassed his expectations. It wasn’t something Ka Di Liang would be able to endure.

In the last fight during the competition, Ka Di Liang had never exchanged blows with Jian Chen, so he never understood the true extent of Jian Chen’s strength. It was not until this fight that Ka Di Liang realized that Jian Chen was stronger than he looked. In fact, based on the strength of the kick just now, Ka Di Liang was starting to doubt that Jian Chen was only at the 8th Saint Force layer.

Perhaps Jian Chen also wanted to end this battle quickly, because he didn’t give Ka Di Liang time to even gasp before he quickly slammed his fist into Ka Di Liang’s nose.

Ka Di Liang’s face hardened as he stood back up, his entire body tried to stand against Jian Chen’s fist before he tried to smash his fist against Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen let out a cold laugh before blocking the fist with his own hand. Grabbing onto Ka Di Liang’s shoulder with his other hand, he got into a horse stance, and grabbed onto him with his right arm. Grabbing tightly, he exerted some force and sent Ka Di Liang flying away.

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