Chapter 22: Battling Ka Di Yun
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 22: Battling Ka Di Yun

With his sword in hand, Changyang Hu’s courage was bolstered, despite knowing that his opponent was a Saint with a Saint Weapon. However, at least he had gained some more power too.

“Changyang Hu, do you really think you stand a chance against me with a regular iron sword? Wishful thinking. Right now, I’ll show you the power of a Saint.” Ka Di Yun quickly sped towards Changyang Hu after that while carrying his double sword, as if it wasn’t heavy at all. He swung his sword at Changyang Hu so fast, the air whistled as the sword traveled through the air.

Changyang Hu’s attention was extremely concentrated on the Ka Di Yun’s Saint Weapon. Quickly retreating before he could get hit, the sword narrowly missed him and only swiped at his clothes. A few strands of his clothes were sent flying through the air as the sword sliced away at the clothes.

After becoming a Saint, Ka Di Yun’s strength became many times stronger than what it was previously, and couldn’t be compared to Changyang Hu’s strength, which was at the 10th Saint Force layer. With just the first blow, Changyang Hu knew how much danger he was in.

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“Ha!” Halfway through another strike, Ka Di Yun didn’t hesitate at all mid-swing. As he advanced closer and closer to Changyang Hu, his entire body started to emit an extremely strong Qi that imposed itself on Changyang Hu. Taking a swipe, Ka Di Yun tried to chop down Changyang Hu with his golden sword once more.

Seeing how strong the greatsword was, Changyang Hu could not parry the blow, as the iron sword in his hand would not be able to withstand the powerful force from the Saint Weapon.

The greatsword was extremely fast, and was far beyond what Changyang Hu had expected. Feeling the great sword in close proximity with his head, Changyang Hu didn’t hesitate at all to duck and roll away from it. At this moment, he was unable to cope with the fight’s intensity.


The moment after Changyang Hu rolled away, Ka Di Yun’s sword embedded itself into the spot where Changyang Hu had once been standing at. The strong concentration of energy that made up the sword left a deep crack within the ground of the arena, while smaller cracks started to spread out in all four directions to at least a meter away from the original impact zone.

Changyang Hu took the opportunity when Ka Di Yun was trying to recover from his strike to brandish and slash his sword at Ka Di Yun.

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