Chapter 23: Becoming Popular At Kargath Academy Thanks to Skill
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 23: Becoming Popular At Kargath Academy Thanks to Skill

The moment that Ka Di Yun felt pain, he swung out with his other hand at Jian Chen’s arms, while aiming his left leg at Jian Chen’s groin.

Even though one of his arms was useless, Ka Di Yun was still able to launch

a counterattack. Even with this unsightly scene, Ka Di Yun had some experience with battles and tried to escape this situation.

Seeing a flurry of arms and legs flashing before his eyes, Jian Chen knew that he wouldn’t be able to directly take the attacks head on. He helplessly let go of Ka Di Yun’s arm, and used the Profound Steps to retreat. He managed to dodge Ka Di Yun’s attack and circled around to his back, before using his Saint Force to amplify his attack on Ka Di Yun’s back.

Feeling the strong wind behind his back, Ka Di Yun didn’t hesitate for a second and evaded Jian Chen by diving to the side. However, even as he dodged, Ka Di Yun was amazed. No matter where he moved, he would always feel a wind blowing on his back; he wasn’t able to keep up with Jian Chen’s movements.


Ka Di Yun was completely unable to keep up with Jian Chen, who smashed both of his hands into Ka Di Yun’s back, creating a cracking sound as he was hit by a violent attack. This caused Ka Di Yun to stagger two steps forward, but since he was a strong Saint, he immediately steadied himself. However, his face had already paled, as he realized that Jian Chen had hit the same place twice with his fists. Jian Chen’s strength could already be measured at the peak of the 9th layer, and despite Ka Di Yun being stronger than him in rank, he was the one being injured more. At that moment, he could only feel a surge of Qi and blood course through his body, his organs screaming in pain.

As Ka Di Yun steadied himself, Jian Chen had already arrived at his backside another time, and struck at his back with his right hand once more. Although the fist traveled at a speed that made it look like it was as light as a feather, the effect was anything but light. Anyone that had faced off against Jian Chen before would agree that Jian Chen’s strength was more extraordinary than it looked.

Ka Di Yun turned around abruptly, his eyes were indignant with anger. For a strong person like him to suffer this much from someone who was by all rights weaker than him, his simple plan to humiliate Jian Chen was no longer as simple as he thought.

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