Chapter 16: Advancing Into the Finals
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 16: Advancing Into the Finals

Hearing Jian Chen words, Ka Di Qiu Li’s eyes brightened, “You said so yourself, so don’t you dare try to say otherwise later!” Ka Di Qiu Li clearly had no desire to let Jian Chen prepare himself, so before she could even finish her sentence, she had already started to dash towards him. Just like the first blow, she leapt up into the air and lashed her leg out to kick him in the face, but this time the speed of her kick was much faster than her original one.

Jian Chen gave an odd smile as the kick came closer. Just like he said earlier, Jian Chen didn’t bother to dodge, but instead, as the kick was right in front of his face, both of his hands lashed out and grabbed onto Ka Di Qiu Li’s calf. Exerting a decent amount of strength while twisting around, he whirled her around in one smooth motion. As he threw her, Ka Di Qiu Li cried out in panic as she was spun around by Jian Chen.

Many of the surrounding students watching the event became dumbstruck. Not only did it seem like Jian Chen did not care for the fairer sex and threw such a beautiful lady into the air in such a crude way, he had also defeated the last 6 opponents in the same manner.

Under the arena, Ka Di Yun felt the veins in his forehead throb as he watched his younger sister get mistreated in such a way. A murderous intent was focused on Jian Chen as he watched him; if it weren’t for the vice headmaster Bai En presiding over the match nearby, then Ka Di Yun would have charged onto the arena long ago to teach Jian Chen a lesson.

Jian Chen’s two arms were almost like strong pincers, clamping down onto her legs, as he spun her around twice before finally letting go. At that moment, one could only see Ka Di Qiu Li’s beautiful body streak across the sky in an arc, before finally flying out of the arena, and crashing into a group of people in the audience.

He had learned this trick from Tie Ta. After watching Tie Ta in some of his matches, he saw that he had done a similar method to easily toss his opponents out of the arena. However, Jian Chen had to admit, thi

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