Chapter 15: Kadi Qiuli
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 15: Kadi Qiuli

Hearing Tie Ta, Jian Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Tie Ta, you say you have a great amount of strength, but how heavy of an object can you lift?”

“When I was back at home, I could lift a 200 kilogram rock.” He said quite arrogantly with a face full of pride.

Jian Chen’s face went blank as he heard that answer. This was a monster of a student; a 200 kilogram rock was impossible to lift for the average adult. But for a young boy like Tie Ta to be able to lift such a titanic rock, Jian Chen could only feel awe from this fact.

“Tie Ta, how old are you?” Jian Chen had started to look at Tie Ta in a different light now.

“16 years old.” Tie Ta said as he munched on his food, his chewing caused his words to be almost inaudible.

Jian Chen’s impression of him grew even more as he said, “Tie Ta, did you have this strength since you were a kid?”

“That’s right, my strength was always stronger than most but then so was my appetite. Because I couldn’t always eat until I was full in my home, I usually went up to the mountains and hunted for my own food.” Tie Ta said flatly.

Taking in a deep breath, Jian Chen mentally confirmed that Tie Ta’s strength was definitely a god given power. Otherwise, a young boy like him would never have been able to lift such a heavy rock. But what surprised Jian Chen even more was that Tie Ta would frequently hunt by himself in the mountains. For someone who was barely 16 to be able to hunt with ease in the mountains, this made Jian Chen’s respect for him grow by an extreme amount. After all, not only did wild beasts appear in the mountains, magical beasts would occasionally appear as well and the latter’s strengths were incomparable to those of regular wild beasts.

Tie Ta rubbed at his stomach and stood up from his stool with a laugh, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I’ve eaten my fill so I’ll be returning to my dorm to sleep. Tomorrow is another day of the competition after all.”

Jian Chen nodded his head, “I hope that you will make it into the top 3 in tomorrow’s contest.”

Tie Ta fiercely nodded and a resolu

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