Chapter 14: Tie Ta
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 14: Tie Ta


Just as Jian Chen began to eat with relish, a hand suddenly slapped onto his shoulder, causing the table the shake from the action.

Jian Chen scowled as he slowly lifted his head up. The owner of the hand belonged to a male noble around 20 years old. Beside him were two youths, with faces full of arrogance. One was a male, and one was a female, and both wore luxurious satin clothing. It was obvious from first glance that they were from wealthy families.

Looking at the three nicely dressed students with a flat expression, he spoke with an annoyed expression, “Is there a problem?”

The 20 year old noble’s face had an ominous glint as he stared at Jian Chen. Speaking arrogantly, the noble said, “Hey, brat. This table here belongs to us, you should sit somewhere else.”

Although the youth could tell that Jian Chen was by no means a commoner from the clothes he wore, the youth still did not bother to look at Jian Chen in the eye.

Hearing what the male had said, Jian Chen looked at him with disdain and said, “If you want to eat, then sit down and eat. This table is for the entire school to enjoy; furthermore, the table doesn’t have your name written on it. Since when did this table become yours?”

After hearing this, the noble’s face looked quite angry. Having already lost his patience, he shouted, “Are you going to move or not?”

By this time, the spectacle at Jian Chen’s table had already attracted the attention of everyone else. Although there were many people watching, no one had the audacity to step in to say something.

A smirk appeared on Jian Chen’s face. These type of occurrences happened many times in his past life, but he would always teach the other aggravators a lesson.

“Of course I’ll let you, just wait for me to finish my food first.” Looking away, Jian Chen began to dig into his food with renewed interest. Because he stuffed his face full of food, Jian Chen’s voice was slightly muffled

However, to these three people, Jian Chen’s meaning loud and clear.

“Brother, it looks your power isn’t enough in this school; you couldn’t even claim a table. You’d better not make the two of us eat our food outside.” The girl behind the noble lightly laughed.

Hearing these words, the look of awkwardness on the face of the 20 years old or so young man disappeared, leaving only a look of anger. Staring viciously at Jian Chen, he shouted, “Kid, what is your name, and what family are you from? If you have the courage, tell me.”

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