Chapter 407: Secret Hall
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 407: Secret Hall

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Secret Hall was the most mysterious and most feared hall in the Basking Moon Sect.

In the Basking Moon Sect, the Secret Hall was primarily responsible for monitoring Sageheart, which included finding spies, defending against external enemies, and even gathering intelligence. At times, they would also plant their people on the outside. From a certain perspective, it was comparable to modern spy organizations, though it was invested with even more authority and covered a broader range of activities.

The Secret Hall and Search Hall together formed the defense that maintained Sageheart's peace. While the Search Hall was aimed at outsiders and gathered intelligence, the Secret Hall was aimed inward, and besides intelligence, it also performed operations. As the two halls were similar in nature, they often worked together.

This was a hall that could reach both inside and outside, and it was a hall that everyone feared. It was also one of the least popular halls, for while it had great authority, it also had the least corruption.

Other than the Search Hall, the hall people hated to be visited by the most was the Secret Hall.

No one had expected Tang Jie to choose the Secret Hall—not even the prime steward from the Secret Hall, who was in a daze.

His name was Zhao Zheng, and he looked like a well-behaved peasant. When he heard Tang Jie's choice, his eyes flashed with a sharp light.

He took several steps forward and said, "It is good fortune for my Secret Hall that Tang Jie is willing to enter the Secret Hall. Zhao Zheng represents the Secret Hall in welcoming you!"

With these words, the selection was done.

The old man from the Medicine Hall stomped his feet and sighed, "I can't believe Xu Baibing gets this one."

Xu Baibing was the chief of the Secret Hall, and it was only this old man who dared to use his old age to call the man by his name.

Everyone else saw that things were settled, so they came forward to congratulate Zhao Zheng.

After selecting the ha

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Translator Notes

Poor, poor Mei Huaping. Didn't even get a swift death.

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