Chapter 406: Choice
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 406: Choice

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Zephyr Mountains.

This was a mountainous region in the center of Sageheart. It covered an area of around ten thousand square kilometers, with more than a thousand mountains of various sizes. The tallest of them all was the principal mountain of the Zephyr Mountains, Starsnatch Peak.

Starsnatch Peak was located in the eastern part of the Zephyr Mountains and stood 6800 meters tall. The summit was originally covered in snow throughout the year, except for a single lake known as the Moonlight Pond.

It was said that the Water Moon True Person comprehended the Dao here and ascended from the domain, leaving behind his texts for his descendants, who established the Basking Moon Sect.

This mountain was now the primary peak of the Basking Moon Sect, and a great formation had melted the snow and ice and made it spring throughout the year. From a distance, the peak surrounded by white clouds and snowy mountains made for an impressive sight.

Starsnatch Peak was circled by 19 mountains: the renowned 19 Star Mountains, the residences of the 19 Celestial Chiefs. Between Starsnatch Peak and the 19 Star Mountains were smaller mountains, and one of these stood out from the others. Its walls were so completely smooth that there was no way one's feet could get any purchase on it, and it got sharper and sharper as one went up, like a sword thrusting out of the earth toward the heavens. This was the Divine Sword Mountain.

To be more precise, this was a sword turned into a mountain: the God-Conquering Merak Sword.

Beyond the 19 Star Mountains was a ring of three-hundred-some mountains. This was the primary mountain group, and it was where most of the Basking Moon Sect's outer disciples stayed.

To the west of the primary mountain group was a large mountainous region dubbed the Nature Zone.

The Nature Zone was no residential zone, but a hunting zone. There were many fiends within, and they were bred there. Compared to the fiends the students usually faced, these were much stronger, with many of them being at the Transformation Level, and there was even the possibility of some being at Divine Division.

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