Chapter 408: Giving Lessons
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 408: Giving Lessons

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Three months went by in the blink of an eye.

Tang Jie had devoted his time to cultivation, but progress had been extremely slow.

When a cultivator entered Nine Revolutions, every step became extremely difficult. If one had to differentiate them, it would probably be like this:

Before Mortal Shedding, one could succeed no matter how one cultivated. The only difference was speed. At Hundred Refinement, one might need as much as ten years, but at least medicines could speed up the process. At Nine Revolutions, even medicines were no longer enough. Even a once-in-a-millennium genius would need a few years to succeed. Those who lacked aptitude often spent decades without success. But so long as one was willing to spend the time, Nine Revolutions could still be gotten through.

At Cognitive Creation, things changed again. At this step, there was now a chance of failing in cultivation. Although the chance of failing Cognitive Creation wasn't too great, at least 20% of people who attempted Cognitive Creation failed every year. After Cognitive Creation was the Three Withering Tribulations, where the failure rate jumped to 40%. After two rounds of elimination, only half were left who could reach the peak. But this checkpoint was the charge at Celestial Heart, and the chance of failure here was 60%. Thus, those who could enter Celestial Heart represented around 30% of the starting number.

But this was only in theory. In reality, it was impossible to reach these numbers.

This was because, before Celestial Heart, there was still a chance to try again after failure, though the chances of success would be lower. But starting from the charge at Celestial Heart, one's life was at stake, particularly at the Heart Demon and Violet Palace thresholds. There was danger everywhere, and the smallest mistake might lead to death in soul and body. For this reason, not everyone dared to charge at the Celestial Heart Realm. Many cultivators chose to stop at the peak of the Mortal Sheddi

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