Chapter 409: At Sea
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 409: At Sea

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Hall of Profundity.

This was where the Secret Hall processed information, drafted missions, and issued them. Normally, required missions were issued from here.

Standing in front of the door, Tang Jie tidied his clothes before stepping inside.

A middle-aged man wearing a robe came to welcome him. "Is this Junior Brother Tang Jie?"

"I am," Tang Jie said, handing over his identity placard.

The man inspected the placard and then took out a scroll. "This one is Tie Feng, the disciple in charge this month. This is the mission the hall has assigned you. You can ask me if you have any questions."

Tang Jie opened the scroll and saw a portrait of a young man drawn on it.

"This is…" Tang Jie looked up at the middle-aged Tie Feng.

Tie Feng replied, "This man is Lin Baicang, a spy we have in the Beast Refining Gate. But three months ago, he left the Beast Refining Gate, and his current location is unknown. All we know is that he is currently being pursued by the Beast Refining Gate. The Search Hall's intelligence indicates that Lin Baicang might have obtained some extremely important information or treasure from the Beast Refining Gate, but we are not certain of its exact value. We will only find out when we find him."

Tang Jie understood. "Have people been sent to find him over the last three months?"

"Of course. Alas, before they could find Lin Baicang, they encountered pursuers from the Beast Refining Gate."

Tang Jie's gaze turned serious. "What cultivation level were the Beast Refining Gate pursuers?"

"Unclear. They were killed before they could send back word. All we know is that there are no Celestial Hearts and perhaps one Cognitive Creation Tier. Considering this, the item Lin Baicang obtained must be of limited value," Tie Feng replied.

Even so, Tang Jie was still angry. "Having a Nine Revolutions Tier like me go and deal with a Cognitive Creation Tier? The hall really knows how to assign missions!"

He naturally wasn't afraid of a single Cognitive Creation expert. The problem was that the mission assignment was truly a little unreasonable.

It had to be understood that even required missions were not assigned randomly. In normal circumstances, a cultivator would not be sent to deal with an opponent of a higher tier.

In terms of strength, if he didn't summon his original body and didn't use his trump cards like the golden grain, even Tang Jie wasn't confident in his chances of taking on a Cognitive Creation Tier cultivator.

This was not some wandering Cognitive Creation cultivator, but one from a major sect. The difference of a single tier represented an enormous gap in strength.

Tie Feng replied, "We're not asking you to deal with them, only find Lin Baicang and bring back him or the item he has with him."

I see.

Is this the loophole Yu Yan is exploiting? Using this method to nullify the difference in cultivation. As expected of that cunning fox.

Tang Jie mentally sneered as he asked, "Since

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Tang Jie's off to Endsea! A perfect opportunity to meet with the girlfriend.

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