Chapter 410: Appointment
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 410: Appointment

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


On the deck of the Lucksnow, the Ocean Snake's corpse had been cut into pieces.

Tang Jie played around with the Ocean Snake's fiend pellet, which was in a rare state of being completely intact, energy never having been taken from it. He watched as several dozen sailors energetically skinned and dissected the large snake. The Ocean Snake's skin could be used in armor, while its flesh and gallbladder were powerful restoratives.

Killing this one Ocean Snake had made at least three thousand spirit coins for Tang Jie. The key was that its pellet was intact, making it more valuable.

But this was because he was lucky. A sea fiend whose entire body was a treasure and that was also this stupid was hard to find. Most sea fiends would have noticed that the situation was not in their favor and fled long ago. The sea floor was their world, and the moment one entered the water, the balance of power would be completely reversed. Even the disciples of Horizon Ocean Pavilion didn't dare to pursue a fiend into the water.

The old man said respectfully to Tang Jie, "Young Sir Tang, your meditation chamber is ready. If you would, please follow me."

Many people on the ship came forward to thank him for saving the ship. After conversing with them, Tang Jie had learned that this was a trading ship that belonged to the Yun Clan of Spirit Mountain Island. The old man's name was Yun Changan, and he was an elder of the Yun Clan. Yun Danming was his nephew, belonging to a side branch of the Yun Clan. They were headed toward Thousand Sail Island, and though their ultimate destination was different, they were also passing by Celestial River Island. For this reason, the old man was willing to take his savior there. Considering that Tang Jie was dry on spiritual energy, and it would be hard to find a place to rest while flying and he could end up disoriented due to storms, he agreed.

He said to the old man, "Old Sir, please accept my thanks."

Yun Changan hastily said, "

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Translator Notes

A trip on an island with his girlfriend? Almost sounds like Tang Jie's on summer vacation.

Novel Notes

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