Chapter 411: Traveling Together
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 411: Traveling Together

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Lucksnow slowly docked at the pier of Celestial River Island.

Yun Changan was very reluctant to see Tang Jie go. "We owe much to Young Sir for this safe voyage. Young Sir, if you are free in the future, please come and pay a visit to Spirit Mountain Island. This old man will treat you with utmost sincerity."

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Tang Jie noncommittally replied, "I will go if I have the time."

Yun Changan could tell that this was mere appeasement and that there was little hope of getting a closer relationship with Tang Jie. He could only sigh and watch him leave.

Once Tang Jie was on the pier, he was welcomed by a beautiful face that seemed both happy and displeased.

Xu Miaoran folded her arms and raised her sharp chin toward Tang Jie, her eyes seeming to say, "You finally know to come and see this girl."

Tang Jie smiled and stepped forward. "Miaoran."

He was about to grab Xu Miaoran's hand when Xu Miaoran pulled it away and said, "Why did you come by boat?"

Tang Jie gave a summary of what had happened.

When she heard that he had chosen to take the ship because the ship's master had invited him, Xu Miaoran snorted, "You really know how to enjoy yourself."

Tang Jie saw the displeasure on her face and wondered, How did I anger her this time? And then he realized and said with a smile, "I know that flying is faster, and I also wanted to see you quickly, but after that battle with the Ocean Snake, I was out of spiritual energy and couldn't fly anymore. That's why I agreed to the ship master's offer. Later on, after my spiritual energy had recovered, it's not like I could just leave after enjoying their hospitality. And when I saw how it wouldn't save me much time, I decided to just take the ship the rest of the way. In truth, deep down, I wanted nothing more than to arrive early, to drive myself to death to rush to your side."

Xu Miaoran smiled in contentment when she heard this. Dropping her head, she bashfully said, "There's no need for the rush. It would just be a few more days waiting for you, is all."

On the side, Hong Yuan shook her head. Hadn't they agreed that she would teach him a lesson? Hadn't they agreed that they were going to make him experience the young lady's power?

Tang Jie grabbed Xu Miaoran's hand. "Let's go."

Xu Miaoran obediently followed.

When she saw Xu Miaoran following, Hong Yuan stomped her feet. "See! See! No backbone at all! Just a few sentences were able to win her over."

Xian Tao gave her a push. "All you want is chaos."

Hong Yuan still didn't want to give it a rest. "This is for the young lady's good. This foul man says he likes the young lady, but he's never really done anything for her. Even visiting her is something he's doing out of convenience. He can clearly fly, but he takes a ship. That's a sign he's not sincere! He has to be taught a lesson, or else there's no telling how he'll treat the young lady in th

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