Chapter 412: Clash
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 412: Clash

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


On the other side of the street was Shen Qingdan, wearing her palace robes and followed by four maids.

The three of them met gazes and froze for a moment.

After a while, Tang Jie broke the awkward silence. "How come you're here?"

Shen Qingdan faintly smiled. "I have my own reasons for being here. But I could ask you the same question."

Before the two of them could reply, Hong Yuan snorted, "You make it sound all nice, but the reason? You're probably just chasing your man."

She hadn't spoken very loudly, but Shen Qingdan still heard it.

She was still the young master of a sect, and she had never heard an insult like this before. Her expression sank as she sneered, "If you didn't mention it, I really would have forgotten. Why is my fiancé running off with another woman? Tang Jie, shouldn't I be asking you what's going on here?"

Tang Jie knew that things were about to get messy.

These two both came from powerful backgrounds, so even if they didn't like each other, they wouldn't have gotten into an argument on the street. They would have just exchanged a few words before walking past each other.

But Hong Yuan had stoked the flames, and Shen Qingdan had lost her temper. Xu Miaoran was already sick of her, and now this barb from Shen Qingdan would probably draw a counterattack.

Sure enough, Xu Miaoran proudly raised her head. "What do you mean by 'your fiancé'? And I'm not just 'another woman'. I have a name: Xu Miaoran!"

Shen Qingdan snorted, "How is he not my fiancé? In the Immortal Fortune Conference, I chose Tang Jie as my fiancé while countless cultivators watched. The engagement is still valid. You think a denial from you is enough to wipe away this fact?"

She glared at Tang Jie. "Tang Jie, let me ask you: you're my fiancé, so what do you mean by being with this woman?"

Before Tang Jie could say anything, Xu Miaoran replied for him, "'Immortal Fortune Conference'? What's that?"

Xian Tao quickly picked up on what was happening, and she shouted, "That was the conference held to select the master for the Wandering Palace. Young Lady, did you not know? Handsome young geniuses from all around gathered at Red Plum Ridge to decide who the Wandering Palace ultimately belonged to. Our Horizon Ocean Pavilion also took part, but alas, they ran into Young Sir Tang. Otherwise, the Wandering Palace would have been a vassal of our Horizon Ocean Pavilion! There are some people who simply have no understanding of who they are. What bullshit 'engagement'? Everyone was clearly after the Wandering Palace. Did she really think they were after her? She was just a small bonus, a dowry for the sect. Everyone gathered for the Wandering Palace, not for you, young palace lord!"

These were unpleasant words to hear, and Shen Qingdan was clearly furious, her chest rising up and down. It was the truth, but that was precisely why it stung so badly.

Xu Miaoran nodded in satisfaction. "That's right. 'Young palace lord'? Nothing more

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Oh? Is this...a threesome? Surely not...

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