Chapter 413: Request for Aid
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 413: Request for Aid

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Rationality was the fuel burned by anger.

The two furiously arguing women had no rationality to speak of.

If things were allowed to go like this, then Xu Miaoran might really end up pushing Tang Jie into the same bed with Shen Qingdan. In the most extreme case, she might even watch as they performed for her.

Fortunately… or unfortunately, it was only Xu and Shen who had lost their rationality, not Tang Jie.

Thus, after flying for a little bit, Tang Jie got some distance from them and said, "Have you two had your fill of arguing yet?"

The two women looked at Tang Jie in unison.

Tang Jie sighed and said to Xu Miaoran, "You don't actually want me to get into her bed, right?"

And then he looked at Shen Qingdan. "And you don't actually want me to consummate our marriage, right?"

Finally, he spread out his hands. "Actually, neither of you want this, so why let your emotions drive you into doing it?"

Xu Miaoran snorted. "What am I afraid of? What man doesn't have two or three wives? I can just treat it as my man taking a concubine."

Shen Qingdan glared. "Ridiculous! You think I'm afraid of consummating a marriage with my husband? And also, you had better get it straight. If you were allowed into the Tang family's door, then you would be the concubine!"

Xu Miaoran was furious, jeering, "Alright, then, you can be the main wife, a main wife whose husband is never home!"

Shen Qingdan furiously retorted, "Regardless of how much my husband is away, I'm still better than a temptress fiend woman like you! Horizon Ocean Pavilion's fiend women really live up to their reputation!"

Xu Miaoran shot back, "It's still better than some barbaric woman who came out of nowhere. My Horizon Ocean Pavilion is not an existence that you can speak so lightly about."

Shen Qingdan replied, "No matter how small my Wandering Palace is, I'm still the young master of a sect. No matter how big Horizon Ocean Pavilion is, it will never be yours! You are only a True Lord's daughter, not the young lady of Horizon Ocean Pavilion."

Tang Jie slapped his forehead. "Again with this."

At least they had dropped the business about consummating the marriage, the topic somehow turning to their status, with no sign that either party wanted to go back to the topic.

Xu Miaoran was a daughter of a True Lord in a major sect while Shen Qingdan was the young palace lord of a minor sect, so they were basically equal. Thus, when comparing backgrounds, neither gave an inch. At least they were in the air, where their argument would not draw countless spectators. To be blunt, their argument was like two housewives arguing on the street and simply wasn't suitable for the eyes of outsiders.

Tang Jie felt a headache coming on, and he shouted, "I say, are you two done yet?"

He yelled with such force and majesty that the two women finally stopped and looked at Tang Jie.

Tang Jie took in a deep breath before saying, "You're a True Lord's daughter and the young l

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Translator Notes

Sadly, it's not like Tang Jie can help out every island in peril. And it's not like he has any reason to intervene.

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