Chapter 414: The Jail Demon Flame
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 414: The Jail Demon Flame

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The matter with Shen Qingdan was only a minor interlude, a small wave in the life of Tang Jie and Xu Miaoran, quickly vanishing in the ocean of their affection.

Shen Qingdan did not appear again, and Tang Jie and Xu Miaoran continued to happily travel around Celestial River, going in and out together as countless people enviously watched.

There was no mission and no difference of family or sect, only the deep love the two of them shared.

Their love was developing rapidly. What had been an indistinct fondness was now a romance that would last for three lifetimes. As their relationship rapidly warmed, while they had yet to break through that last window, some affectionate actions were now commonplace.

Besides playing around, Tang Jie and Xu Miaoran spent even more time discussing their understanding of cultivation.

While Basking Moon and Horizon Ocean had foundational mantras that could not be passed on, the two still had some others that could be passed on.

For example, Tang Jie had the Ninedark Mantra and the Five Gods Faith's Celestial Treasure Supreme Heart Mantra. Xu Miaoran had the Sea Anchor Stamp and the Ceaseless Wave Mantra.

The Sea Anchor Stamp was one of Xu Guanghua's famous spell arts, capable of suppressing all things in the world. The Ceaseless Wave Mantra was a mantra of his own creation. Those who cultivated it would be able to rapidly increase their spiritual energy recovery rate. Xu Guanghua was famous for his combat ability precisely because of the Ceaseless Wave Mantra, but Xu Miaoran had gone and taught it to her boyfriend.

The two of them compared notes and instructed each other, and they also played around together, opening their hearts to each other.

For Tang Jie, this was perhaps the happiest time of his life since he had started cultivating. He had never felt as happy and blessed as this.

Alas, happy times were always so brief.

Today, Xu Miaoran and Tang Jie were once again spending time together.

It was a romantic atmosphere, a warm scent wafting about the meditation chamber.

Xu Miaoran was up against Tang Jie's chest like a little cat, her fingers drawing spiritual lines on his exposed upper body which were derived from the teachings of the Celestial Treasure Mantra. Tang Jie had closed his eyes and was forming various hand signs. Clumps of spiritual energy appeared and disappeared within his hands as the power of the Sea Anchor Stamp coalesced.

It was already very normal for the two of them to mix study and affection like this.

In the middle of all this warmth, a voice came from outside. "Tang Jie, come out already!"

Stopping what he was doing, Tang Jie opened his eyes and lazily said, "So which young master has come this time to try and steal my girl?"

As the news spread, more and more people came to cause trouble for Tang Jie, but as most of them were weak, they hardly posed a threat to them. Thus, rather than being annoyances in his life, these people served as a sour

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