Chapter 0008: Consuming Blood Ginseng
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Apex War God Chapter 0008: Consuming Blood Ginseng

Blood ginseng!

Unlike ordinary ginseng, this was an extremely rare medicinal material. Its body was crystalline and crimson, giving off a strong ginseng odor. Whoever caught a whiff would be overcome with the desire to claim the root.

With the ability to boost one’s vitality and longevity, blood ginseng’s medicinal properties were more powerful than average ginseng. The material could also strengthen a cultivator’s bone and muscle. Of course, any sacred tonic made with it would be expensive.

Once, a long time ago, Yang Wu had seen a few of these roots in the Yangs’ treasure vault. His father had promised to gift him one once he reached the Warrior Realm.

Never in his wildest dreams had he expected Sooty to walk in with a blood ginseng root clenched between its teeth. Furthermore, half of the root was gone, leaving only a small amount of ginseng. His heart clenched at the sight.

The black pup walked up to him, tail wagging as if proud of what it had found.

He stooped down and carefully took the blood ginseng root, lamenting, “Sooty, oh, Sooty. You’ve wasted a treasure!”

Though the root was small, Yang Wu considered it exceptionally valuable due to its rarity.

Sooty’s tongue lolled, and when the little dog noticed the sealing pearl in Yang Wu’s other hand, a spark flashed in its eyes. Woof, woof! It barked softly.

It was about to snatch the bead from the young man’s hand, but Yang Wu reacted quickly, pulling the hand back. “Don’t mess around, Sooty. You can’t eat this,” he scolded the pup nervously.

Barking, the little dog jumped twice, attempting to snatch the bead away, but each attempt was easily dodged. “I can give you anything but this. This bead may play a role in my plans; you can’t eat it.”

The dog rolled its eyes and finally retreated to a corner, no longer interested. Circling its spot and stretching lazily, it went to sleep.

Yang Wu dismissed the pup as he returned to his careful examination of the sealing pearl in his right hand. With a glance at the small blood ginseng root in his left, a gratified smile spread across his face. “Heaven has certainly lent me a hand. With these two items, I won’t need to be concerned with how soon I’ll reach my previous cultivation status.”

Without further ado, Yang Wu stored the sealing pearl and took a small bite out of the blood ginseng. He did not dare bite off too large a chunk, knowing it might be too potent for his body. If he could not metabolize the ginseng properly, he would waste this chance and potentially harm himself in the process.

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