Chapter 0009: The Head of Cellblock 68
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Apex War God Chapter 0009: The Head of Cellblock 68

On a night so dark one could not see their outstretched hand, only distant howls shook the mountain prison.

Yang Wu repeatedly trained with the Rainstorm Spear Art, attempting to infuse every part of his body with the blood ginseng’s energy. Finally, after arduous hours, he used up all of the raging energy within.

Throughout his time in the prison, he had also regained seven stones of strength, his condition improving drastically.

“Cultivating the Rainstorm Spear Art again has led to new revelations. I can sense that I’m nearly Accomplished with the last three moves,” Yang Wu excitedly muttered to himself.

He wiped the sweat from his brow with a gloomy look. The longer I stay in this forsaken place, the dirtier I become. They don’t even give us any water to wash up. This handsome face and hunky body are going to waste!

Rather than returning to his den after his training, he went in search of Skinny Monkey.

The latter was not asleep at this early hour, but busy training in the Whirling Combat Art. With some food in his belly, Skinny Monkey had plenty of energy to cultivate, and it wasn’t long until he heard the strange melody ring from within his body, signifying he had gained another stone of strength. His growth speed was incredible!

The Whirling Combat Art was only a Medial Grade General Class art, hardly anyone in the Xia Dynasty could use it to grow so strong so quickly.

This was proof that Skinny Monkey had the perfect physique for cultivation.

Startled by someone’s arrival, Skinny Monkey called out, “Brother Yang, is that you?”

“Yeah, I’m here. Come out for a moment,” Yang Wu answered.

Without any hesitation, the lanky man slipped out of his den. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’ve decided to make you the head of block 68!” Yang Wu announced.

Skinny Monkey shuddered. “You…you’re kidding, right? I did hear my body ring again, and I’ve grown a little stronger, but…if I declare myself the cellblock’s boss, the rest of the inmates will beat me to a pulp.”

At that, Yang Wu raised an eyebrow. His voice lowered, he asked, “Did you hear it a second time?”

Skinny Monkey nodded earnestly. “Yes, it rang again just before you got here. I feel quite a bit stronger now.”

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