Chapter 0010: Defeating Centipede with Wits
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Apex War God Chapter 0010: Defeating Centipede with Wits

The commotion woke the prisoners stationed near Wang Yan’s hut. One by one, ten-odd inmates rushed to the scene to investigate. They all belonged to Little Ugly Girl’s gang and were all Foot Soldiers.

With his crowbar in hand, Yang Wu emerged from the stone hut. Seeing the inmates, he snarled, “I have crippled Wang Yan. Submit, and accept my brother as your new leader. Do this, and I’ll let the matter rest. Refuse, and you will all suffer the consequences.”

“How insolent! How dare you challenge the Ugly Girl Gang, injuring Elder Sister Wang?! Get him!” one of the prisoners, a Medial Grade Foot Soldier, shot back.

The man then led several of his comrades in a charge, surrounding Yang Wu.

“Brother Yang, let me fight with you!” Skinny Monkey yelled, lifting his crowbar and stepping forward.

“Stand back! For now, I want you to watch.” Yang Wu held up a hand to stop his friend before diving into the group of enemies.

Doing as he was told, Skinny Monkey witnessed an astonishing event.

Yang Wu fought like a vicious wolf in a pack of sheep as he brandished his weapon. None of the inmates were strong enough to counter his attacks, and after a single hit, each fell to the ground, screaming.

“Ahh, aaah…!”

The young man was ruthless, his strikes both fast and furious. Unopposed, he advanced.

Not even the prisoner with six stones of strength could stand against Yang Wu. Before the inmate could even process Yang Wu’s techniques, the young man slapped him hard enough to send him flying through the air.

This was the difference between those with combat techniques and those without.

Yang Wu had once been a Consummate Grade Foot Soldier, often sparring with his clan’s guards. He had a wealth of combat experience, which most cultivators lacked.

Within seconds, Wang Yan’s reinforcements had been laid flat. Only Yang Wu stood tall, radiating an imposing air.

“In the future, I will become an unrivaled force, just like Brother Yang!” Skinny Monkey excitedly promised himself, clutching his crowbar.

“Anyone else not convinced?” Yang Wu as

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