Chapter 0011: Taking in the Maid Barbie
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Apex War God Chapter 0011: Taking in the Maid Barbie

“Who are you?! Don’t you realize that I represent Black Ape?!” Centipede demanded, shouting at Yang Wu as he clutched his bleeding shoulder.

“This viscount has been for you, Centipede. Now, you have two choices: submit to my brother, Skinny Monkey, and obey him as your boss, or I will destroy you here and now!” The young man was frank, not wanting to waste his time on this criminal.

“And how is he worthy of giving me orders?!” Centipede’s reply was disdainful. He then shouted to his men in the area, “Brothers of the Black Ape Gang, come and end our enemy!”

Centipede was not stupid; he knew he would need help in this fight. Thus, he called for it immediately.

“I guess you’ve chosen to die,” Yang Wu said coldly, already moving to attack.

Dark Clouds Covering the Sky...!

Yang Wu’s crowbar seemed to cast an imposing shadow over Centipede.

Naturally, Centipede would not just stand there and wait to die. In response, he waved his own crowbar as if it were a sword.

Medial Grade Soldier Class technique, Wave Chasing Sword’s second move, Song of the Waves...!

Yang Wu knew Warrior Class combat techniques, while Centipede only had Soldier Class combat techniques to rely on. However, although the younger man was more powerful, the latter was stronger. Even injured, he could stop Yang Wu’s attacks.

In truth, Centipede did not want to continue this fight. He would simply drag it out until reinforcements arrived; then, if luck favored him, they would end this disruption in one fell swoop.

Whoever this punk is, I will kill him once I recover, Centipede swore to himself.

Suddenly, prisoners began to swarm the scene from all directions. There were over twenty of them, far more than Wang Yan had at her camp.

“I should take this opportunity to make an example of this guy,” Yang Wu muttered to himself. He did not have much time. Shifting his stance, he used the Rainstorm Spear Art’s third move, Rolling Thunder Shifting Winds.

This particular move was the most powerful of the Rainstorm Spear Art. As Yang Wu waved his weapon, thunder crashed in the distance and the wind roared past, frightening Centipede.

The crowbar struck the older man, sweeping across his neck. The impact was enough to toss Centipede several meters away as his blood spilled into the night, the dark liquid glistening in the moonlight.

The prisoners who had rushed to Centipede’s aid slid to a stop. No one dared to take even a half step farther.

Barbie, who had quietly escaped the stone hut, saw the scene as well, and excitement lit her face.


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