Chapter 0012: Bloody Aura Surging into the Sky
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Apex War God Chapter 0012: Bloody Aura Surging into the Sky

With the sun rising in the east, the morning propitious energy descended.

Propitious energy mingled with the first rays of sunlight each day, and the power it contained was both rich and pure. Only skilled cultivators could capture and absorb it.

Once again, Yang Wu relied on the Supreme Nine Profound Art to secure a wisp of the dawn’s propitious energy. Again, his dantian rapidly consumed it, sending it through to nourish his twelve major meridians and body, which seemed to shine with a sacred brilliance.

Skinny Monkey and Barbie, who had just emerged from the stone hut, saw this and thought with awe, Heaven’s son has descended to the mortal realm!

After some time, Yang Wu heard the repetitive melodious ringing from his body as the majestic energy flowed through him, leaving him feeling relaxed.

Hearing the sound, Skinny Monkey exclaimed, “I took the blood ginseng and gained two stones of strength overnight, yet Big Brother has just gained four stones! His growth speed is amazing! I guess he really is destined for greatness. He may be in trouble here, but this is temporary.”

Skinny Monkey could not help but recall a young blind man he had once met. The blind man had told him that he would find disaster, but it would be a blessing in disguise, leading to a benefactor who would lift him to astounding heights.

He had to wonder if Yang Wu were the benefactor that blind man had spoken of.

As Barbie watched, she realized the young man was even more impressive than she had first thought. Perhaps, one day, her new master would free her of this place.

Yang Wu stood, his joints popping. In a matter of seconds, he had grown a bit taller.

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He clenched his fists and grinned. “Did I gain four stones of strength in one night? This is awesome!”

He had broken through to the Medial Grade Foot Soldier Realm and reached the Superior Grade in one step. Now, he was not far from his grade prior to his imprisonment.

This had all happened within three days, and it felt like a dream.

However, he did not give the matter much thought. Yang Wu was still a prisoner, not in control of his own life. He needed to grow even stronger!


Cellblock 68 had undergone massive changes that night. Both Wang Yan and Centipede had been overthrown, and Wang Yan’s hideous face had been beaten beyond recognition. Centipede had not been so lucky. He had died, and many of his Foot Soldier minions had been injured. Both events drastically altered the cellblock’s status quo.

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