Chapter 0013: Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art
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Apex War God Chapter 0013: Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art

Dozens of mountain peaks separated Smoke Signal Mountain Prison’s cellblocks 68 and 8. Even so, the prisoners in block 68 could feel the bloody aura.

Many were spared the guards’ usual torment as most of the guards had been temporarily called away.

Yang Wu was not aware of the commotion. He used his time to teach Skinny Monkey the Rainstorm Spear Art, ensuring his brother had a technique he could rely on.

By this point, Skinny Monkey had four stones of strength, only one step away from reaching Medial Grade. Once he crossed that threshold, establishing his authority within block 86 would not be difficult. The only challenge would be the bosses Little Ugly Girl and Black Ape, who might show up to avenge their fallen minions.

Fortunately, movement between cellblocks was prohibited for the moment, due to the grave incident in block 8. This gave the two young men the perfect opportunity to cultivate and train.

Now that they were not worried about their Scarlet Steel Rock collection, they could focus solely on cultivation.

Having come to trust Skinny Monkey and acknowledge the young man’s cultivation talent, Yang Wu imparted the rest of the Whirling Combat Art’s incantations, as well as the Rainstorm Spear Art.

With guidance from his sworn brother, Skinny Monkey quickly mastered the Rainstorm Spear Art’s first two moves. However, he was only able to follow the form; he had a long way to go before he’d become Established.

Yang Wu left Skinny Money to train alone, isolating himself within the stone hut as he continued to try to remove the seal on his sealing pearl.

Even after trying a few more methods to release the seal, he still failed to uncover the pearl’s secret. Of course, this was the treasure of some long-ago expert; a mere Foot Soldier hardly had the means to break the seal

Sealing pearls are precious items Kings create. I may have it in my grasp, but I still can’t open it! Yang Wu fretted as Sooty surreptitiously appeared next to him, growling softly at the pearl.

“You want this?” he asked.

The pup shook its head and growled again as if it were trying to say something Yang Wu could not understand.

“What do you want?” He was puzzled.

Sooty circled him twice and then pointed a front paw at the sealing pearl, then at the ground. The young man seemed to get the hint. “You want me to drop the pearl?”

The pup nodded, wagging its tail.

He hesitated for a while but, in the end, decided to trust the dog. After all, Sooty had already brought him so much good fortune.

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