Chapter 0014: Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance
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Apex War God Chapter 0014: Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance

Yang Wu did not know how long he had stood alone in the stone hut. He felt as if he had been bathing in a hot spring. Warm and comfortable, he didn’t want to wake from his trance.

The energy rushing through his twelve major meridians was turbulent as if it were breathing. Energy continued to flow in and out of the thousand holes in the peach-pit dantian, absorbing the moisture little by little. A foggy aura drifted around Yang Wu, wisps of energy flowing through his meridians before settling in the Yongquan acupoints in his feet.

[TL Note: The Yongquan acupoints can be literally translated as Gushing Spring Acupoints. However, the name has already been established in traditional Chinese medicine.]

Only Warriors were capable of opening their acupoints, yet Yang Wu found he had the ability. Had using the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance helped him skip ahead to the Warrior Realm?

Obviously, that was not the case. Yang Wu had not yet progressed far enough through the Foot Soldier Realm. He had only opened these acupoints now due to cultivating the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance and Supreme Nine Profound Art. To use this stance, one had to sense the water’s power by opening their Yongquan acupoints.

Without the Supreme Nine Profound Art, Yang Wu would have only been able to imitate the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance. Without the cultivation technique, opening those acupoints would have been impossible. The combination was the only reason he had succeeded.

As his acupoints opened, Yang Wu felt power surge to his feet, significantly boosting both his speed and strength.

Once a cultivator reached the Warrior Realm, opening all of one’s acupuncture points was necessary. This allowed a cultivator full access to their combat body, allowing them to explore its potential and improve further.

As Yang Wu woke, the energy flowing through his twelve major meridians roared like a river, chiming thrice with the mysterious ring.

Gaining another three stones of strength, he now stood at fourteen, one step away fr

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