Chapter 0007: Sealing Pearl
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Apex War God Chapter 0007: Sealing Pearl

Shi Dan and Hedgehog fought fiercely. They had equal numbers behind them, and their personal strengths were on the same level. Determining a victor without witnessing actual combat would be difficult.

Both Shi Dan and Hedgehog were Inferior Grade Foot Soldiers, but their subordinates were ordinary inmates. It was not a pretty fight.

Beside Yang Wu, Skinny Monkey whispered, “We should get out of here, brother.”

“Go? But we have minions to perform for us. Watch carefully. If you think they fight well, cheer them on.” Yang Wu dismissed his friend’s concerns with a wave of his hand.

“Cheer them on? Why? Those guys came here to cause trouble,” Skinny Monkey nervously protested, pulling on his friend’s arm.

Yang Wu pulled his arm and Skinny Monkey back. “You’re a cultivator now. What do you have to fear? Watch closely. Could you take them in a fight?”

Hearing his companion’s confidence, Skinny Monkey calmed down. He watched the battle carefully, then replied, “Except for Shi Dan and Hedgehog, I should be stronger than any of them in a one-on-one fight.”

“There we go. Inferior Grade Foot Soldiers have one to four stones of strength. Right now, you have one stone, which makes you stronger than an ordinary person. If you had four, you’d be powerful enough to kill those guys with one punch,” Yang Wu explained. He paused before continuing, “To become a successful cultivator, you need combat techniques, in addition to energy absorption methods, to display your full strength. These guys’ fighting methods are messy and disorganized. They’re only effective as a mob.”

Yang Wu had not kept his voice down, and both Shi Dan and Hedgehog had heard him. They had not been taking the fight too seriously, simply trying to scare the other away, but the young man’s disrespect—treating them like lowly entertainers—made them pause.

“Are you trying to piss us off, brat?” Hedgehog snarled, staring at Yang Wu.

“It seems he’s deliberately trying to mock. Why don’t we crush him now and worry about the consequences later?” Shi Dan suggested.

Hedgehog hesitated before agreeing. “Alright, let’s teach him a lesson. Can’t let him get too cocky.”

“Oh, weren’t you two enjoying your battle? Why don’t you continue? It wasn’t great to watch, but it was better than nothing,” Yang Wu quipped.

“He really is mocking us!” Shi Dan was so furious that smoke nearly drifted from his ears.

“It looks like we’ll have to work together if we want to vent our frustration,” Hedgehog commented coldly.

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