Chapter 0006: Let Us Work Hard Together
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Apex War God Chapter 0006: Let Us Work Hard Together

The clouds glowed with shifting sparkles as the rising sun broke through; dawn had just arrived.

A young man had already emerged from his den in the Smoke Signal Mountain Prison’s cellblock 68. He sat with his legs crossed before his small hovel, forming a seal with his hands as he began to absorb energy.

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The propitious energy of daybreak only manifested with the rising sun.

[TL Note: The propitious energy of daybreak, or literally translated as the purple energy from the east, refers to a good omen. However, in cultivation novels, it often refers to an energy that manifests at daybreak, which is pure and rich. As a result, it is also frequently said that daybreak is the best time to cultivate.]

The young man took advantage of the opportunity to cultivate his profound art. Catching a wisp of propitious energy, he swiftly absorbed it into his dantian, which consumed the incoming energy as if it had not been fed in days. Warmth rose from his dantian, sweeping through his body, and it wasn’t long before he heard two reverberating rings from within his twelve major meridians. Meanwhile, the Profound Energy within his dantian grew considerably denser.

Two Sweeping Melodious Energy events!

This signaled two consecutive breakthroughs, and the youth gained two more stones of strength.

An utterly satisfied smile broke across the young man’s face as he muttered to himself, “True to legend, the early morning’s propitious energy is the best Profound Energy. I finally caught a wisp, and even that was enough to gain two stones of strength. If I keep this up, reestablishing myself as a Consummate Grade Foot Soldier will only be a matter of days.”

Coming from a noble clan, Yang Wu had heard the legend of the dawn’s energy from his clan’s experts many times. Unfortunately, he had never been able to absorb any of this rare energy using his family’s combat art. Relying on the Supreme Nine Profound Art, however, he finally saw results.

Still, he was not complacent. Even if he recovered to his prior strength, he knew freeing himself this prison would not be easy. He would have to progress past his previous level if he wanted a reasonable chance of getting out for good.

A better life was not his only reason for wanting to leave. He also intended to visit his parents, who had been punished for his refusal, and his younger brother, who had been forced to relinquish his status as a top scholar to keep Yang Wu alive.

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