Chapter 0005: Service, My Ass!
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Apex War God Chapter 0005: Service, My Ass!

Unobscured, the sun beat down on the Smoke Signal Mountain Prison.

The prison was a wasteland of rock and stone. With the sun bearing down, most could not handle the heat.

Yang Wu and Skinny Monkey worked hard as they mined, sweat pouring down their backs like rain.

Most Scarlet Steel Rock was buried, requiring one to dig through the rubble to find it. Mining wasn’t an easy task and required quite a bit of strength.

Since he had begun circulating the Supreme Nine Profound Art, Yang Wu felt energized as if he possessed inexhaustible strength. When he would begin to tire, a new wave of energy would build within him. His dantian was warm, and energy flowed through his twelve major meridians freely.

For any prisoner, mining Scarlet Steel Rock was a torturous task. Between the demanded labor and exposure to the elements, exhaustion became a close companion. However, Yang Wu saw this as an opportunity to temper his body and cultivate.

His every movement was rhythmic. This not only tempered his arms, but also his core and lower body. He coordinated every aspect to make the most of his newfound strength, increasing his endurance.

As the sun began to set, he discovered a massive chunk of Scarlet Steel Rock weighing more than one hundred kilograms. His muscles bulged, the veins visible, as he directed his Profound Energy through his arms. Determined, he snarled, “Come free!”

The boulder began to wiggle under the force but wasn’t quite free yet.

With a deep breath, Yang Wu adjusted his rhythm, circulating the Supreme Nine Profound Art madly. He struck at the stone around the boulder again.

A second failure!

A third!

Theft is never good, try looking at


After the ninth attempt, he was drenched with sweat but refused to give up, visibly stubborn. He planted his feet, and although his arms felt as if they weighed five hundred kilograms, he drove his energy again. Frustrated and determined, he shouted again, his voice reverberating with energy, “I said come free, damn it!”


The boulder rolled forward in a shower of debris and a cloud of dust.

Yang Wu thought he could use this chance to manifest the Sweeping Melodious Energy again, reaching two stones of strength, but the attempt failed. Fortunately, he discovered a significantly large chunk of Scarlet Steel Rock in the process.

With a little more digging, Yang Wu freed the boulder, hefting it in his hands. Overjoyed, he said, “This is way more than twenty-five kilograms! It’ll definitely be enough for a meaty meal!”

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